VdS-Schadenverhuetung Security

Security- Laboratories

We operate laboratories with high-quality equipment where especially type and system tests of security products are carried out.

Our worldwide reputation results especially from the extensive expertise and experience of our engineers, in addition to the use of modern technology and innovative test methods.

Laboratory for Electronical Security Technology

In these laboratories VdS conducts tests on alarm systems against burglary and robbery, and on alarm transmission equipment, access control and video surveillance systems. The product range of our customers comprises from home appliances up to danger detection technology for global banking headquarters, from small risk to high-class jewellers.

As an independent institution, we develop test methods that are practice-oriented and designed with a focus on the methods of the perpetrators. New intrusion methods are adopted quickly in the VdS testing standards. In contrast, these are only take into consideration many years later by the European standardisation due to the slower processes.


Laboratory for Mechanical Security Technology

In the laboratory for Mechanical Security Technology, our engineers test products on their resistance to burglary and attempted thefts. A VdS-approval for mechanical security technology certifies a mature and operationally reliable technology. The worldwide reputation of VdS quality certification reliable technology. The worldwide reputation of VdS quality certification results, in addition to the use of modern technology and innovative test methods, primarily from the extensive expertise and experience of our test engineers. For new products VdS also conducts tests on the basis of examination agreements that can be developed together with the client in accordance with existing guidelines and standards.


Laboratory for EMC Tests

A VdS approval confirms the immunity of products against various environmental influences. The VdS infrastructure which is unique in Europe as well as our advanced and continuously improved service benefits (e.g. high frequency tests up to three Gigahertz, low-frequency disturbances on power lines, studies of radio-transmission-security) can also be used even in the development stage.


Laboratory for Mechanical and Climatic Environmental Simulation

The VdS electrodynamic shaker for a wide range of test specifications as vibration up to 2,000 Hertz, single and continuous shocks or broadband noise. In addition to selection, implementation and documentation of tests, we can manufacture in our own workshop individual holders and brackets as preparation for tests.. With us, producers benefit from the high quality of the facilities and in-house developments of the VdS laboratories and the expertise of our teams.


Laboratory for Software Tests

The reliable programming of security equipment is tested and certified by VdS. According to the high-class requirements of VdS quality and safety and security, we examine the source code as well as the program documentation. We confirm reliability of interfaces, watchdogs and the necessary modularity in critical areas such fire protection and protection against burglary and theft. Our highly specialised test engineers put particular attention to a clear structure, a fail-safe program run and comprehensive development documentation.