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Our powerful security scans for your company

Protect your company comprehensively - our security scans examines all digital areas for a reliable vulnerability analysis. Optional with workshop.

With our security scans, we offer you a comprehensive vulnerability analysis for your entire digital presence. Whether it's your website, domains, IP addresses, mail domains, or other digital assets - we cover all relevant areas.

Our scan includes a variety of topics, including:

  • Security Resilience: We analyze the resilience of your systems against attacks, check hostnames, internal systems, open and critical ports, and application management.
  • DDoS Protection: We test the stability of your system against various DDoS attacks, including DNS-DDoS, Mail-DDoS, and Web-DDoS.
  • DNS and Email Configuration: We assess your administrative and operational security measures as well as best practices for DNS and email.
  • Privacy and Reputation: Our scan covers web TLS encryption, external references, trackers, user security, domain reputation, and more.
  • Darknet Monitoring: We keep an eye on the darknet and alert you to potential threats such as hacks, data leaks, and security breaches.


Our report includes assessments and warnings for each topic area to uncover deviations from best practices. We also provide explanations and examples to make the results understandable for everyone. Alternatively, we offer a concise technical report that focuses on the rating.

If you wish, you can supplement our security scan with a 1-hour workshop in which we discuss the results of the scan together with you.

With this information, you can identify and address vulnerabilities before they become serious security issues. In today's digital world, a proactive security strategy is crucial.

Integrate our cost-effective scan into your cybersecurity strategy and strengthen your digital security.

(Scan of 1 domain/IP address + 1 free Rescan included)
(Bundle only valid for current order)
for detailed discussion of the scan results. Scope approx. 1 hour.
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