VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Executive Summary:

Why VdS for Protecting your Company?


Safety Product Certification is expensive and time-consuming. So why all this fuss?


Because fire breaks out every 3 seconds around the globe. Main source in all industry nations are everyday electrical defects, often from simple ageing – threatening every sector, every building, every company.

74 % of businesses never recover from flame + smoke destruction (German + US studies).


    So for always fully reliable protection

    experts worldwide trust in VdS-Approval for taking the crucial + highly complex safety challenges off their back. Why? Because our task is to answer the one core question for every executive: „Will my safety system work for sure when I really need it?“


    With VdS-Approval, it will. Proven in practice in the globally unique infrastructure of Europe´s No.1 certification institute. 100 % ensured by functional testing, environmental testing, artificial ageing, highest performance requirements, in toughest conditions, in worst-case scenarios. 100 % state-accredited. 100 % independent.

    Bundling 115 years experience in making sure and all our German engineering skills.


    Additional pluspoints: The renowned VdS Quality Seal


    • always includes EN, CE, CPR, ISO
    • is highly appreciated by authorities worldwide
    • bases on top Guidelines advancing global loss prevention, precisely ensuring optimal safeguarding for products, systems, planning + installation – named “technical holy books” by the construction press
    • is renowned as 100 % subsidiary of the German Insurer Association with 460 members
    • is fully applicable in NFPA installations


    With VdS, you are directly covering all relevant standards and key industry players insurer demands from a single source. Done.



    Further worldwide unique Safeguard

    ensuring supreme back-up for you:

    In an emergency, the one thing that counts – that protects – is the overall system. We are the only institute always certifying the crucial reliability of all components in real-life interaction. One of many reasons why decision-makers on all continents call our singular approach the „all-round worry-free solution“.




    The VdS Mission:

    Protecting your colleagues, your achievements, your entire company 24/7 with clearly proven Safety. So you can focus on the core tasks that make your business successful.

    Your optimal Safety: Rely on 


    You favor checking out the globally unique VdS laboratories? Some insights: