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Complete coordination of your UKCA Marking

Cheaper, faster, easier for VdS customers: “UK Conformity Assessed” (for fire protection products)


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In short:

  • For England, Scotland, Wales, UKCA Marking will from 2025 replace the CE process (with similar requirements, so most fire protection technologies need a confirmation of conformity by a UK notified certification body).
  • VdS covers the entire process for you one-stop in cooperation with our partners BRE and UL – you decide which of the two better suits your requirements.
  • Effort and costs as well as the time-to-market will be significantly reduced if products are already VdS-approved and/or CE-certified by us.

Details for easing your planning

As of 1. July 2025 the “UKCA Mark“ will be necessary for all products which formerly required a CE certificate for being sold in England, Wales and Scotland (meaning “UK Conformity Assessed“; can be affixed together with the CE label). In Northern Ireland, CE continues to apply.

The UKCA mark must be issued by a UK-based "Approved Body". VdS coordinates the entire process for you – in cooperation with our partners at "Building Research Establishment UK" or "Underwriter Laboratories UK", who provide the on-site services. You decide which of the two certification bodies you prefer.



Your Benefits with our services:

As your trusted partner, VdS carries out all required tests and prepares every necessary document, significantly minimising your effort and costs as well as time-to-market – all the more so if the product has already been tested by us for VdS and/or CE certification. Then most of the required test are already covered.




For almost all fire protection technologies + for product modifications, UKCA Assessment is very similar to CE requirements + procedure, including confirmation of conformity by a certification body which must be based and notified in the UK.


  • Simply send us your order for working up the required documentation; if you wish after a preparatory consultation with one of our experts. BRE or UL need a separate order from you (unfortunately a formal necessity due to their processes).
  • We now carry out any tests that may still be needed, prepare all required documents (if there is anything we need from you, you will quickly finish this with our checklists) and submit them to the "UK Approved Body" of your choice. Who now, in almost all cases, certifies quickly and cost-effectively using the already existing VdS test reports.
  • BRE or UL UK deliver your UKCA certificate (for affixing the mark to products, packaging, and literature) in accordance with our acceptance agreement.


UKCA: done.



All details for your development team: UK legislation – or just give us a call for everything you need to know.

Our services for your easy Assessment:

  • Comprehensive support right from the start – by identifying the relevant UK regulation/s, "translating" their requirements into practice and ensuring conformity.
  • We specify the product-related requirements, carry out all necessary research and testing and take care of all needed verifications + documents (including order forms for the UK certifier of your choice, test reports, quality plans, audit reports, ISO 9001 certificates of your manufacturing site/s, etc.). Everything precisely edited and tailored for your rapid certification.
  • Coordination of the entire process with the UK partner of your choice. We also clarify any arising questions for you.

    (If you wish, we can also combine VdS, CE/CPR, ISO, German National Approval and other tests in a single process to save costs. With VdS-Approval, all CE and most UKCA requirements are already included.)



All ticked off easily – with VdS: With quick support, a single contact person and our proven focus on efficiency. We will also be pleased to carry out the required factory production controls for you, one-stop and with minimised travel expenses.


Leave the tedious compliance work to us – so you can concentrate on the core competencies that make your products successful.

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