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Fire Protection Concepts

The VdS Certification Body is accredited by the German National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17065 for certification of products, amongst others, in the fields of fire detection and fire alarm systems, hold-open systems, water extinguishing systems, hydrant systems, gas extinguishing systems, smoke and heat exhaust systems and mobile fire extinguishers.

Furthermore, there is an accreditation for the certification of construction products (assessment and verification of constancy of performance, system 1) under Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products (Construction Products Regulations).


Tests within the framework of VdS approval procedures are carried out according to VdS guidelines if no adequate national or European regulations are available. The guidelines we developed are particularly practical and are quickly adapted to newly developed technologies. VdS ensures objectivity by the participation of experts from the fire brigade, insurers, manufacturer- and installer associations and the public.

In addition to type testing and certification of individual products, e.g. detectors or power supplies, we also certify the smooth interaction of components in systems.

Worldwide Recognised Certificates From One Provider

We have for years positioned ourselves globally and work in the approval of products in close cooperation with all relevant certification institutes in Europe. Manufacturers also benefit through a variety of agreements for mutual recognition of test results. However we also work closely with various partners outside of Europe.

Experience and competence

Accredited Laboratories

We operate laboratories with high-quality equipment where especially type and system tests of products for protection against fire and burglary are carried out. Our worldwide reputation results especially from the extensive expertise and experience of our engineers, in addition to the use of modern technology and innovative test methods. Learn more about our fire laboratories


Support in every phase

The Way to Your Certificate

In a preliminary discussion we clarify with the manufacturer the requirements for VdS approval. Whether standard or custom-made products: We create together the appropriate VdS test methods. After the preliminary talk the manufacturer places an order for testing and certification by VdS. VdS accepts, of course, the principle mandatory certification of quality management ISO 9001 - regardless of national borders, as well as the product testing. If the the product to be tested and the documentation are available, the testing can start. If required, we also carry out development-related tests. After the successful completion of the tests (and all the requirements are fulfilled), the certificate of the VdS approval on the product is issued.

Now the product can be promoted with the most coveted VdS quality seal and so clearly demonstrates its functionally secure reliability and safe operation. The VdS approval is granted usually for four years. Even after the approval the certified products undergo various monitoring measures by VdS. To ensure a consistent quality we carry out product audits at the manufacturer or check product samples.

This procedure is one of the many factors that justify the special trust in the VdS certificate and makes our seal number one for security and safety decision makers.

Ce-Marking and Labelling

VdS is recognised by the Building Certification Body (Notified Body) under the EU Construction Products Regulations and registered under the code no. 0786.

VdS offers, also within the scope of the VdS approval process, for construction products used in fixed fire protection systems methods for evaluation and verification of constancy of performance (system 1) in accordance with Construction Product Regulations (BauPVO).

After a successful completion of the process VdS provides a "Certificate of Constancy of Performance" which contains a table of all essential characteristics of the underlying harmonised standards, in which the declared and certified performance and benefits of  the manufacturer are apparent.

Products (components, devices, systems)