Laboratories for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVs).

Reliability clearly proven - with your VdS-approval

The deadliest + most destructive danger in case of fire: Not the flames themselves, but the highly toxic smoke.

  • 95% of fire victims in Germany die of smoke poisoning (DFV).
  • Smoke damage usually exceeds pure flame damage by a factor of ten (FVLR).

These facts make smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, which immediately dissipate the poisonous gases that contaminate everything and the heat stored in them in the event of an emergency, an essential component of every safety concept. Users, insurers and authorities want to be sure that the complex systems will function reliably at all times in an emergency. Manufacturers can provide decisive proof of this directly at first glance: With the VdS system approval.

Your proof of success:

Durable functional safety and security tested and certified in detail - by Europe's largest institute for fire prevention and protection. More than 110 years of trust in VdS are directly transferred to your products.

Facts about decontamination
What exactly are we checking?
Your way to VdS-approval

Your further benefits with the No.1 certificate for safety and security decision-makers:

  • All relevant testing services from one source: VdS, DIN/EN, CE, ISO, DIBT, NRW21 - save costs and effort with our services and reduce your time-to-market. EN + CE always directly included.
  • The VdS process also integrates the performance parameters laid down in the respected DIN standards, which have proven themselves in practice over many years.
  • Comprehensive support for you in advance, for example in the selection and application of the standards and guidelines to be applied.
  • Whether series product or custom-made product - we cover the entire value-added chain for you, even through tests accompanying development.
  • Directly after your order: precise test plan including reliable time specifications.
  • Pleasant side effect of the proven long-term functionality: Your customers save a lot of time and money in maintenance and defect rectification.
  • Committee work in your interest in all relevant national and international regulatory institutions. 500 VdS professionals ensure your information advantage.
  • We are a 100% subsidiary of the German Insurance Association - and with benefits of over two billion euros for fire damage and loss every year, insurers naturally have a special interest in reliable cover. Win-win situation for you.
  • Always included: detailed test report accepted by authorities all over the world.
  • One of our many unique selling points is the VdS system concept: Approved technology has demonstrated that each component provides effective protection when used in combination.

In short: Highest quality clearly proven.

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