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Certified Cyber-Security for networked products

Bring your modern and innovative services securely and holistically tested to the market

Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Cloud, Cyber Physical Systems, Predictive Maintenance, Big Data Analytics: It is impossible to imagine modern product development without a connection to the Internet. A large number of products today are "smart" - also in security and fire prevention and protection technology. However, is a smart product also a safe and secure product? Not automatically. Adapted security requirements must apply in order to be able to exclude new risks such as hacker attacks or risks of disruption and failure.


VdS has been pursuing an integrated security approach for over 110 years. Only products that take into account the approach of comprehensive and holistic security may bear the VdS seal. In the age of digitalisation, this approach must be supplemented by the aspect of information security. The VdS 3836 guidelines "Cyber Security for Systems and Components of Fire Protection and Security Technology" takes a detailed look at the new risk conditions of IoT and for the first time regulates the information security of security and fire protection products - in a practical and uncomplicated manner.


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VdS supports your way to a more secure and safer Industry 4.0

The guidelines are based on the internationally recognised standard of the IEC 62443 series and for the first time enable adequate Cyber Security for networked fire prevention and protection and safety products/systems. To this end, VdS has broken down the complex IEC requirements to the concrete applications of fire protection/prevention and safety/security technology and made them more concrete. This procedure has already proven to be effective and practical, for example in the case of Cyber-Security for SMEs with VdS 10000.


VdS makes your digital innovations possible - and secure


Practical, applicable specifications

The guidelines formulate practical framework conditions for the testing of information security, which are specifically formulated for products of the fire prevention/protection and security/safety technology.


Product-independent requirements

The guidelines are applicable as horizontal guidelines in addition to other VdS guidelines. Thus, in addition to the product-specific requirements, for example for a fire alarm control panel, the aspect of IT security is also directly tested and certified.


Holistically certified security

With the VdS rules and regulations, the aspect of IT security can be viewed holistically for the first time. The guidelines formulate implementable requirements for user and access management as well as for secure data storage and transmission or the validation of interface input by users or other devices.


Market opener for your products

Certified products are marked with the VdS SecIoT logo. According to WIK-Enquête, a VdS certificate is the most important purchase criterion for decision-makers and security experts. As a manufacturer, the internationally renowned VdS seal of quality gives you a competitive edge for your product.

Your way to VdS-approval

As a technology leader for corporate security, VdS is your premium partner for all manufacturers and users specialising in digital and networkable applications. If you are interested in having your product marked with the innovative VdS SecIoT logo, the associated testing and certification procedure and general questions about the VdS 3836 guidelines, please contact us.


Many manufacturers and VdS approval holders have been successful in the development and construction of fire protection and security components for many years. The implementation of effective cyber security measures poses new and additional challenges in this regard. VdS provides the high level of technical expertise to support you in this process. We assess your solution in advance and provide assistance in effectively securing your products and the overall system and preparing them for the subsequent testing by experienced VdS colleagues.