VdS-Schadenverhuetung Security

DIN 77200

Certification of Security Services in accordance with DIN 77200 - 2017-11

DIN 77200-1 defines minimum requirements for the planning and provision of security services with regard to organisation, processes and personnel.

A distinction is made between the following security services:

Stationary security services

  • Alarm service
  • Reception service
  • Control service

Mobile security services

  • Control service
  • Precinct Service
  • Intervention Service

Event security service

The relevant activities of the respective security services are compiled as a requirement profile in Annex A of DIN 77200-1.

The VdS certification procedure covers all security services listed in DIN 77200-1. As part of the certification process, VdS checks the security services offered by the security service provider in accordance with DIN 77200-1 for conformity with the standard. DIN 77200-3:2017-11 provides the test basis for this.

Certification in accordance with DIN 77200 is proof that the security service provider is able to offer, design and provide security services in accordance with DIN 77200 in a technically qualified manner and in compliance with the requirements of the standard.

The DIN 77200 series of standards will be expanded in the next few months to include a further part, DIN 77200-2, with requirements for SDL for special service areas. (See overview of the new structure of the DIN 77200 series of standards). As soon as this standard part is published, we will expand our current certification offering accordingly. (Status: January 2019)

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