The elaborate CE / CPR procedure is also directly ticked off:

As our customers say: "VdS makes the standards applicable in the first place" - we offer you all decisive verifications quickly and with a consistent contact person.

Smoke alarm devices are subject to the Building Products Regulation, so they must comply with the EU standard EN 14604. Documented by an independent notified body such as VdS. Unfortunately, since 2013 it is up to each manufacturer to decide which individual standard requirements the product should fulfil. This means that devices can come onto the market that have been tested for immunity to interference, but not for the decisive detection function. At the same time, the building regulations of the 16 German federal states require the fulfilment of certain points of EN 14604.

All this resulting in the following absurd situation:

Whether a detector bearing a CE mark may be sold at all in a German federal state can only be determined by comparing the manufacturer's declaration of performance with the respective state building regulations. This demanding task, which even experts sometimes fail to perform, is often assigned to dealers who are of course no experts in such matters.

Your simplest solution:

A VdS-Approval always ensures directly at first glance: all EN 14604 requirements are fulfilled. There are no restrictions at all on use in Germany, Europe and many other countries that are using the EN - your sales activities are made considerably easier, also thanks to the well-known worldwide market strength of the VdS Quality Seal.

With a VdS-approved smoke alarm, users know directly they can rely on dependable, life-saving technology to protect their lives in an emergency - and manufacturers, bulk buyers and rental companies can instantly be sure that all legal requirements they have to prove are met.