VdS-Schadenverhuetung Security

Good reasons for VdS

Security technology must function in an emergency. Without exception.

VdS puts products and service providers to the test. The VdS seal shows which technologies are safe and secure and which providers are reliable.

Quality Differentiation

There are thousands of protection mechanisms against fire and burglary on the market. At first glance, the complex systems actually all look safe and secure. But do they work when it counts? Even after years, even under often difficult conditions?

Even for experts, this is difficult and costly to assess. The VdS seal helps consumers and specialists to decide on a safe and secure product.

Reliable protection technology is important

Every 5 minutes there is a fire in a company in Germany. In an emergency, a reliable and immediately effective fire protection and prevention system saves not only the existence of a company but also lives. 43 % of the affected companies are no longer able to resume operations after a fire (German Association of Insurers, GDV).

Every 2 minutes burglars are successfully at work in Germany. Here you can see how quickly a standard window without protection elements gives way. Whether private or commercial, burglary protection has been proven to protect: In 46% of all burglary cases it is only an attempt - mainly because of effective protective measures.

Your advantages of tested safety and security

The VdS seal stands for reliable and long-term effectiveness, which has been tested in comprehensive endurance tests and in accordance with practical VdS guidelines (including DIN/EN and all CEA requirements). VdS-approved products ensure you not only the greatest possible protection but also high savings through minimised false alarms, less maintenance and tested durability.


Your advantages of certified service providers

The VdS-approved service providers support you from the selection and planning to the installation of security technology, so that no time-consuming in-house research is necessary. In this way, the VdS protection concept ensures that the interaction of all components works, because "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link".


The "all-round carefree package"

VdS-approved experts take over the product selection, planning and installation of a protection system for you that is precisely tailored to your security needs.

Some industries such as security service providers depend on special protection. VdS has developed a special protection concept for these areas: the VdS certificate. The certificates VdS 2170 (hazard detection systems), 2309 (fire alarm systems), VdS 2495 (mechanical security measures), 2529 (security service provider) confirm the conformity of a system/service with the relevant VdS guidelines. They create important transparency between operator, installer/service provider and insurer.

Approved products

Only products that successfully pass all practical endurance tests in the VdS-laboratories in Cologne receive a VdS quality seal. These can be, for example, real test fires or burglary simulations with a wide variety of tools. Tests after artificial ageing and under the most difficult environmental conditions also put the product's effectiveness to the test. The products are tested by experts in the field and VdS as a company has over 110 years of business experience.


Approved service providers

With minimal errors in planning and construction, even the best technology cannot protect effectively. This makes certified service providers a decisive part of the VdS loss prevention concept. The police and fire brigade also demand that installation only be carried out by certified professionals.

VdS works particularly practice-oriented

The basis of our approvals are VdS guidelines and all official standard requirements of Germany and the EU. VdS-guidelines are often the basis for new international safety standards and set worldwide standards. These guidelines are favoured by the industry, among other things, because of very concrete, practical requirements. For example, new burglar tricks flow directly into the guidelines via our partners at the police and insurance companies and reduce the perpetrators' chances of success.


DIN/EN standards and insurer specifications automatically covered

VdS-approval covers all official standard requirements of Germany and the EU. This also includes the "CEA 4002 framework guidelines" of the European umbrella organisation of insurers, Insurance Europe. Why are these important? Because insurers have a special interest in reliable cover for fire and burglary claims exceeding two billion euros every years.

The VdS-seal

The VdS-seal

In the increasingly complex security market, you can recogninse VdS-approved products and service providers by the protected quality seal:

  • No.1 purchase criterion for experts (confirmed for many years in succession by the WIK/ASW Enquête, the most comprehensive industry survey in Europe)
  • preferred by decision makers, police and fire brigade
  • recommended by authorities and insurers

VdS-approved products and service providers

Here you can access the database with all VdS-approved products and service providers. You can find the right provider in your area using the interactive map of Germany.

Protection tips for house and home and a risk analysis tool can be found on our consumer portal vds-home.de.