VdS-Schadenverhuetung CyberSecurity

Information processing for small and medium-sized enterprises


With the web-based tools "VdS- Quick-Check", small and medium-sized companies can obtain an initial picture of the status of their information processing, divided into the following areas

  • Information security (Office)
  • Information Security (Production/ICS)
  • Data protection

The questionnaires are used to determine the company's individual level of protection in various fields of action, such as organisation, technology, prevention and management or processing principles.

During the Quick-Checks, 26 (Data Protection), 39 (Information Security Office) or 42 (Information Security ICS) questions are asked on security- or law-relevant topics in the company. At the end of the self-disclosure, the results are a matrix showing the risk situation in the company and a detailed PDF report for download.

The detailed report contains concrete recommendations for measures that can be implemented immediately and which immediately improve the level of protection. A system of traffic lights ensures rapid orientation, making it possible to identify at first glance in particular those areas of action that require immediate improvement.

Click here for the VdS-Quick-Check.

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