DIN ISO 45001

Occupational Safety and Health Protection

Up to now management systems focused on the results of daily business operations: The product, and the service. However what about the most important resources in the development process, the employees and the company itself? What can a company do to protect and strengthen its position and its employees?

Globally recognised standard

Bs Ohsas 18001

The standard BS OHSAS 18001 gives a systematic approach to that, because the protection of personnel, and occupational health and safety are of primary importance. Through preventive measures in the occupational health and safety management, employees are able to take the necessary measures before an accident happens or property damage occurs. OHSAS means Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System, and is translated as Occupational Health and Safety Management System and was developed by the British Standards Institution together with international certification bodies. Since its introduction certified occupational health and safety management systems are gaining a rising global popularity and acceptance. There are currently already more than 1,000 companies certified in accordance with BS OHSAS 1800 in Germany alone.

Training, Awareness and Prevention

In the context of occupational health and safety it is necessary to strive for improvement in all areas of the company. Specific training, individual conscious awareness and smart prevention are the key words. The following advantages will be achieved by applying a VdS certified occupational health and safety management system:

  • Increased employee motivation through improved occupational health and safety care.
  • Consistent reduction of costs caused by accidents and production interruptions.
  • Expression of commitment to the protection of employees, property and premises.
  • Improvement of the corporate image, the competitive position and customer loyalty.
  • Control of critical areas by strengthening the internal and external communication.
  • Support of the senior management in its legal certainty.
  • Consistent regulatory compliance.
  • Reduction of insurance premiums.
  • Cost reduction through integrated certification in accordance with ISO 9001.

Highly qualified VdS auditor team

The training of the VdS auditor team is based on the demanding rules of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), which the auditors must comply with. This includes comprehensive and practical training and further education. VdS auditors work independently, impartially and without discrimination.