VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Laboratory for secure storage units

To protect valuables against theft, a VdS-approved secure storage unit is the first choice.

Secure storage units must be of high quality to ensure their protective function at all times and against all dangers. The VdS seal confirms these properties to the market. Because even secure secure storage units that look safe at first glance can in reality often be opened without tools, even by laymen:

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Impartial testing and certification

To ensure that a secure storage unit can withstand any emergency, VdS, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GDV, tests and certifies secure storage units of the most diverse resistance grades and manufacturers (list of certified products). In cooperation with leading European certification bodies in the European Fire and Security GroupVdS promotes a consistent quality of secure storage units beyond the German borders.

An emergency can be an unauthorised access as well as a fire: In order to protect important data adequately, for example, VdS also certifies secure storage units in the form of data protection cabinets or light fire protection cabinets in combination with burglar resistance as so-called duplex cabinets.


Your advantages of VdS-approval

Information and advantages

for manufacturers

As a manufacturer, take advantage of the VdS- approvals to optimally position your product on the market. 

Information and advantages

for underwriters

VdS offers you as an insurer a robust basis for estimating your risk when using secure storage units within an acceptable framework.

Information and advantages

for consumers

There are few ways to safely protect your treasures from unauthorised access - especially if you want to access them yourself at any time. A VdS-approved safe deposit box is a secure option.

Information and advantages

For gun owners

The Weapons Act requires a safe depository for the storage of weapons certified by an accredited body. VdS meets this requirement 100%.