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Experts for electrothermography

These professionals detect any heat conspicuousness early and without contact. Without disturbing your operating processes.

Thermography detects potential sources of danger (e.g. loose connections, defective equipment) by imaging, objectively and directly. Long before a fire breaks out.

Unfortunately, the high complexity of this procedure often leads to false diagnoses - VdS-approved experts offer special, and above all particularly reliable, expertise in this area.


  • know the subtleties of thermographic images,
  • can interpret thermographic images correctly,
  • can handle reflective temperature and emissivity and
  • especially know when it really gets too hot.


Our approval is based on Guideline No.3 of the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations (CFPA), which has been agreed upon throughout Europe.

Also good to know: the experts even detect signs of wear in many parts at an early stage, which often impairs the performance of the system. They not only protect you - they are also operational optimisers for you.

What distinguishes these experts from those for testing electrical systems?

Using thermographic cameras as an aid to their tests in accordance with insurance clause 3602. the experts carry out random thermographic measurements and find abnormalities.


Electrothermographers, on the other hand, produce special thermographic reports thanks to their special expertise in this field (at least 10 days VdS Training Course with examination) and considerably more powerful cameras ( approval requirement). Here, depending on the agreement, all transformers, medium and low voltage systems, distribution boards, switchgear, etc. are systematically examined.


  • divide defects into groups of errors and submit very concrete proposals for solutions
  • can also evaluate abnormalities that electrical experts have found.



In short:

Electrical expert = test in accordance with SK 3602 with thermographic support to a lesser extent.

Thermograph = no examination in accordance with clause 3602 (since thermography is only a partial area here), but comprehensive thermal image expert opinion with evaluation of complex interrelationships and early identification of risks in detail; classification of conspicuous features according to urgency of action.

You want to know more? Here you will find an article with numerous practical examples..

Make it easy on yourself:

Minimise risks + effort. Optimise efficiency. With certainty


Rely on VdS-approval - the most important proof of quality in the security market.


  • Both in theory and practice, the experts can clearly prove their competence to Europe's No. 1 for corporate safety and security - from equipment to execution.

  • The  VdS-guidelines VdS 2871 known in the market as the "bible of experts", offer precise specifications for the execution of the inspection - and are directly updated in the event of new potential dangers. Your advantage: Comprehensive protection against liability risks and breaches of obligations. 
  • Hundreds of risk analysts in the companies of the German Insurance Association GDV (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft) find new sources of risk - which is communicated to VdS-approved professionals, including loss prevention tips.

  • The experts are always 100% independent - another important safeguard.

  • Training, certification and assistance combine all our experience from over 110 years of loss prevention work.,


Alle VdS-anerkannten Sachverständigen für Thermographie finden Sie hier.



Access to the recognition procedure

have natural persons who have

  • have successfully completed an electrical engineering apprenticeship (journeyman, master craftsman, university degree)
  • gained practical experience in thermography (1 year full-time, 2 years part-time)
  • have demonstrated specific knowledge in the electrotechnical field of electrothermography and
  • have adequate eyesight.


All details can be found in section 1.1 of the recognition guidelines VdS 2859.