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Our DIBt services for Construction Products + Techniques

You need a National Technical Approval for your products or for systems a General Construction Technique Permit from the German Institute for Structural Engineering DIBt, or a surveillance / certification?

As state-recognised 3rd party "PÜZ" body, VdS offers all relevant services for a broad product range directly from one source. We accelerate + facilitate the safe market success of your developments from R+D on – with decades of experience in all DIBt processes.

Our range of services




What we can do for you:

  • Fast application of all required procedures (testing, surveillance, certifying – VdS is state-recognised for all 3 procedures), coordinated by one single contact person with all neccessary expertise for your optimal support.
  • You can tick off all necessities on your side directly: with our precise, compact checklists and questionnaires.
  • With decades of successful cooperation, we are experts for all requirements and work time-optimised with the familiar DIBt partners all necessary proof is prepared compact + exactly fitting so your products can enter the markets promptly.
  • Precise support in applying the authority requirements, also in early product development as well as for prototypes.
  • Precise, practical indications for market risks identified outside the authority demands.
  • Gladly also with cost estimate for the entire process (as well as for the safe interaction of the products in a system).
  • You manufacture in Asia? Then benefit from reduced monitoring costs thanks to our Shanghai-based auditors.
  • Additional plus point for factory audits: Comprehensive safeguarding for you by high-quality tests in the unique VdS laboratories. Because often, e.g. due to supplier change, undetected and risky defects occur. We will find those immediately with VdS, you are always on the safe side.




Standard Process:

  • For your devices or combinations you submit an application to the DIBt.
  • You can order the tests required for “national verification of fitness for use” from us. We develop the individual test plan for your development/s in close coordination with the DIBt.
  • After approval, we carry out all necessary 3rd party surveillance / monitoring measures for you (acc. DIN 18200, including testing of samples taken), and issue your certificate of conformity.

    (by the way: we also offer 3rd party surveillance separately for products that have already been approved – to the form).
  • On the basis of the certificate, you can apply the national conformity "Ü" Mark.



The procedure is also explained in a DIBt video (from 2:05).

Validity of the national technical approval is usually 5 years (then an "application for renewal" is to be submitted – we will timely inform you on all required steps).



Details on our DIBt services

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