VdS-Schadenverhuetung Brandschutz

Laboratory for Fire Extinguishing Systems

VdS engineers conduct component testing as well as monitoring by measurement, control and documentation of flooding in gas fire extinguishing systems in their own testing facilities. We offer to our customers from around the world also on-site investigations on the effectiveness e. g. of gas and water-mist fire extinguishing systems.

Stationary extinguishing systems are complex combinations of devices such as storage, fire detection, control, triggering devices and manifold pipe networks etc. Its task: extinguishing fires or at least stopping them spreading. To ensure reliable operation, all the components are tested to the various VdS guidelines and - if available - in accordance with EN standards. The main objective of our tests in the VdS laboratories is your assurance of product-specific performance characteristics, reliability and safety.

Pressure test of a valve for gas extinguishing systems

Furthermore, VdS provides for special applications special measurements outside the guideline requirements. Even in the context of research and development, we support manufacturers with our test and measurement equipment and the skills of our expert teams.

We ensure that you can rely on product characteristics such as the concentration build-up of gas fire extinguishing systems or the response and opening qualities of sprinklers at any time.


Details on the laboratory testing of old sprinkler heads



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