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Securely implement building networking

Experts for Smart Building Safety & Security

Top trend within digitalisation and rapid growth market: Smart Buildings. The number of networked building technologies is increasing by leaps and bounds. Experts are already talking about a "shadow Internet 4.0". The central consequence: a lasting change in security architecture.

Thanks to numerous practical examples, the fact that "smart" definitely does not mean "secure" is known far beyond our industry. On the contrary: networking not only increases the risk of disruption and failure (and this very significantly), but also opens up ever new, in some cases even previously completely unknown potential dangers. To make matters worse, installers often create considerable risk potential due to a lack of an overall view of neighbouring trades.


Europe's largest institute for safety and security therefore bundles its loss prevention experience gathered from the beginning of digitalisation in the training of "specialists for Smart Building Safety & Security" in accordance with its own guidelines VdS 3838. These experts close the numerous gaps in protection in Smart Buildings with clearly proven expertise:

  • As specialist planners with an overview of the typical risks of interactions.
  • In the anticipatory avoidance of interface problems or in solving interaction difficulties that have arisen in building technologies.
  • In analysing and securing existing systems, minimising attack vectors and optimising overall building processes.
  • In the intelligent linking of sensors and actuators of different trades for an efficient overall performance.
  • Carefully weighing up the balance between benefits and risks.
  • In the secure networking of intelligent buildings not only in terms of increasing efficiency and process optimisation, but also, of course, with regard to the important aspects of loss prevention and risk minimisation.

The task of an approved expert:

to reconcile the client's specific objective with what is technically possible and acceptable in terms of protection - safely and securely.

Required proofs of performance include

  • at least 5 years of sound practical experience in electrical or information technology building services.
  • Knowledge in consulting, planning, project planning or installation services.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of installation technology and hazard detection systems.


Relevant loss prevention contents are taught in a special VdS course with examination.

Details and requirements for the specialists can be found in the approval guidelines VdS 3838.


The experts offer special services to close the still too large and numerous security gaps in this future field, which have been clearly demonstrated to Europe's No. 1 for security and safety. So that smart buildings are also really smartly protected.


You're on the safe side: with VdS-approved experts for Smart Building Safety & Security.