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Experts for Testing of Electrical Devices

Every 5 minutes there is a fire in a business in Germany.

However, the legally prescribed tests of electrical equipment (according to DGUV regulation 3) are purely for personal protection, e.g. to prevent electric shocks. In order to protect the businesses themselves from fire damage and to ensure the reliable functioning of their important equipment, decision-makers in all sectors rely on VdS-approved professionals.
(Their supplementary tests according to the well-known practical VdS-guidelines are also demanded by building insurers, e.g. with the clause SK 3602) Experts specially certified by Europe's No.1 Institute for Loss Prevention reduce the fire risk sustainably - with clearly proven reliability.

Make it easy on yourself

Minimise risks + effort. Optimise efficiency. With certainty.

Rely on VdS-approval - the most important proof of quality in the security market.

  • The experts can prove their competence in theory and practice to Europe's No. 1 for corporate security - from equipment to execution.
  • The VdS-guidelines VdS 2871, known in the market as the "bible of experts", offer precise specifications for the execution of the inspection - and are directly updated in case of new potential dangers. Your advantage: Comprehensive protection against liability risks and breaches of obligations.
  • Hundreds of risk analysts in the companies of the German Insurance Association GDV (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft) find new sources of risk - which is quickly communicated to VdS-approved professionals, including loss prevention tips.
  • The experts are always 100% independent - another important safeguard.
  • Training, certification and assistance combine all our experience from over 110 years of loss prevention work.

All VdS-approved experts for testing electrical systems can be found here.



German statutory accident insurance Regulation 3

  • Sole focus: personal protection (e.g. by preventing electric shocks. Among other things, the important neutral and protective conductor current measurements are not required - here is a practical example with the result full fire (2nd page of the article, 3rd column in the middle)
  • Binding in accordance with § 15 Social Security Code VII
  • Relatively long test cycles of 4 years, test by a qualified electrician (can therefore also be the installer of the system)

Building insurer factual clause (SK) 3602

  • Focus: Property and fire protection - securing the future of your company, among other things by considering the structural aspects
  • May be required in the insurance contract
  • Test cycles every 1-2 years, only by proven 100 % independent, VdS-approved experts with special tests for this important work
  • Precise testing requirements and aids including the latest loss prevention measures based on the fire experience of the insurers (the VdS-guidelines for this can be found at vds.de/2871)
  • Always including the important thermographic examinations
  • Inspection of the distributors of the electrical equipment, machines, hazard alarm systems etc
  • Evaluation of measurement results regarding fire protection


In short: testing by a VdS-approved electrician is the only one that focuses on property and fire prevention and protection.


Why do insurers attach so much importance to this?

Because every year in Germany alone, they pay 2 billion euros for fire damage - and despite this enormous aid, 74% of the companies affected are still forced into insolvency,, because if a business is destroyed by fire, even the best customers are forced to move away.


Saving costs and effort:

Numerous VdS-approved experts offer both tests from a single source, with the SK test as a supplement to the much more complex DGUV assessment.

Access to the approval procedure

have individuals who, inter alia


  • check electrical equipment and systems on a full-time basis and are permanently available for this purpose,
  • neither install, have installed nor distribute electrical equipment and systems, nor can they alternatively prove the objectivity and independence of their expert activities by a certified public appointment and swearing-in,
  • have a degree in electrical engineering (university or university of applied sciences) or alternatively, as a master electrician, be able to present a public appointment and swearing-in as an expert in the electrical installation trade
  • have acquired sound knowledge and experience in the field of electrical engineering in general and installation technology in particular during five years of practical work after completing their studies


Security managers, business leaders, insurers and public authorities know that they can rely on the VdS-approved seal of quality all round - and thus also on the strengths of your approved services.

From the very first contact with your homepage, at trade fairs, by e-mail or in a letter of offer, you show that your customers are on the safe side with you. No more time-consuming explanations necessary.



Additional security services for you:

  • Hundreds of risk analysts in the companies of the German Insurance Association GDV (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft) will find every potential danger for you - VdS experts will work out loss prevention measures and inform you of them.
  • The VdS-guidelines VdS 2871, known in the market as the "bible of experts", provide you with precise guidelines for carrying out audits - and are updated directly when new risks arise.
  • 500 VdS professionals ensure your information advantage, among other things by participating in all relevant standards committees. In this way we also pave the way for future requirements.
  • With this approval, you show at first glance that you are 100% independent.
  • Massive simplification of work: VdS certificate for the assessment of results - with all the experience of over 110 years of loss prevention work.


You will find the guidelines relevant for you with all the details below under "Publications".

VdS procedural guidelines Experts for testing electrical installations

Qualified electricians



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