VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Revocations and forgeries

Forgery of VdS approvals

Time and again, products or service providers that have not been certified by VdS are marked with the VdS logo.

Those responsible may expect this to improve their sales opportunities, as VdS approval enjoys an excellent reputation.

One of the reasons for the good reputation is that we consistently pursue and prevent the misuse of the protected trademark VdS. This is done in the interest of all legitimate VdS approval holders and to maintain the value of the trademark.

A valid VdS approval can be checked at any time via our internet database. If in doubt, ask the holder of the approval in question to present the complete certificate or contact the VdS certification body.

Current cases in which the VdS approval holder has used the VdS trademark illegally are listed below


February 2021


Produkt approval for a lead acid battery


There have been cases where lead batteries have been marked as VdS approved, although this is not the case. The valid approval number G111042 "Ultracell UL2.4-12" was misused.

Distinguishing characteristics



  • Capacity specification 2,1 Ah
  • No use of the GOST mark
  • Date-Code according to scheme ddmmyyX
    • dd: day, mm: month, yy: year
    • X: production site (A, S oder Z)
  • Capacity specification 2,4 Ah
  • Use of the GOST mark
  • Date-Code "UL2.4-12S UUL8663"

*) product version found on the market, that is not VdS-approved