VdS-Schadenverhuetung Security

Minimise insurance risks

Insurers pay almost half a billion euros every year for burglary damage to private households. This makes it all more important for you to assess your risk within an acceptable framework. As a subsidiary of the GDV e.V., VdS offers a robust basis for this

VdS tests and certifies secure storage units of various resistance grades and manufacturers according to the latest requirements and test methods of the VdS- guidelines - and has been doing so for almost 30 years.

The test against burglary necessary for VdS-approval is carried out by our experienced test engineers as a so-called "worst case test" with the help of more than 250 different tools. Secure storage units bearing a VdS seal have been independently tested and offer optimum protection.

Use the advantages of VdS-approval to minimise your insurance risks when using secure storage units:

Regular production control at the manufacturers and production sites

Even after VdS-approval has been granted, regular production controls are carried out in the respective production facilities: These include the procurement of the individual parts/semi-finished products and the production of the required individual parts and their assembly up to the final product.

To ensure that the constant production quality of VdS-approved products is not left to chance, VdS also requires the operation of a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. This systematically establishes and continuously improves basic quality requirements in processes and structures, including development, procurement and production. In combination with the initial product testing at VdS and the VdS production control in the manufacturing plant, this results in close monitoring - and the greatest possible safety.

Always up-to-date tests according to the latest findings and trends

VdS-guidelines are permanently developed further and adapted to current trends and procedures of offenders. To this end, we maintain a close and regular dialogue with the insurance industry, regulatory authorities and the responsible ministries. Thanks to the practical specifications and the rapid incorporation of current circumstances, our VdS-guidelines are always up to date and secure the trust placed in us by manufacturers, insurers, authorities and end customers.

Assistance with risk assessment

As a support and basis for your risk assessment, you can use our extensive suggestions for non-binding cover sums for households, trade and industry or use in credit institutions from our Technical Commentaries (Opens external link in new windowVdS 3134 Part 1).

For example, you will receive information on non-binding coverage sums for security cabinets in accordance with VdS 2862 in household contents insurance risks:

Sum1.,2., EUR
in security cabinet in accordance with VdS 2862, class S15.000
in security cabinet in accordance with VdS 2862, class S230.000
1 The use of an intruder alarm system does not affect the above-mentioned amounts of cover.
2. The sums mentioned refer to risks in exclusively private use.


The non-binding cover sums for safes in accordance with VdS 2450 are as follows:

Storage in a closed,
VdS-approved safe1
with resistance grade
Without IAS up to
Sum2 [EUR]
With VdS-approved
IASup to Sum2,4
1) Safes must have a minimum mass of 200 kg for household risks or be anchored in accordance with the manufacturer's assembly instructions.
2) The sums mentioned refer to risks in exclusively private use.
3) Pre-fitting of VdS-approved safes for the subsequent installation of IAS components is possible (as an option).
4) The amounts of cover stated when using an Intruder Alarm System are only valid in connection with an Intruder Alarm System approved by VdS).

Cooperation with leading testing and certification bodies in Europe

As a founding member of the European Fire and Security Group (EFSG), VdS traditionally works very closely with leading European certification bodies. Within the EFSG, there is a regular exchange of information as well as comparative tests to ensure uniform test results. VdS uses the knowledge and experience gained from these tests for the benefit of insurers and end customers in order to improve the quality of the tests and thus of the secure storage units.

Participation in the relevant standards committees

VdS is represented in the relevant standardisation bodies, which means that the experience gained during the tests and the knowledge gained from the dialogue with insurance companies and the authorities are incorporated into the standardisation process. Requirements and test methods are often transferred from the VdS- guidelines to the applicable standard with a time delay. This makes VdS a pioneer in the field of security and safety and places its competence and knowledge at the service of the general public.

Approval procedure of service companies for secure storage units

VdS 3529

Secure storage units are durable products. Particularly in the case of older secure storage units, service measures may become necessary over time or conversions to other lock systems, for example, may be necessary due to organisational changes.

Both can impair the security level of the secure storage unit if carried out improperly. In order to help insurers to carry out a robust risk assessment and to provide security to the user of the secure storage unit, VdS has in the past been asked for extensive expert opinions.

With the VdS-approval procedure for service companies for the maintenance, repair and conversion service of secure storage units, not only the manufacturer but also VdS-approved companies  are able to carry out this service. Insurers and users can rely on the usual excellent training and quality of these companies.

In addition to VdS training and a VdS examination, these VdS-approved companies must meet extensive requirements and provide evidence of specific knowledge. During the approval period, they are regularly monitored by VdS. If deficiencies are found during this monitoring, the company must remedy them at no cost to the user.

Expert opinion for secure storage units

This is not a rare case: Your customer has an older secure storage unit whose burglar-resistant properties you do not know or whose condition may have been changed (for example, changes to the lock and bolt system). Such changes are not visible from the outside, but can seriously reduce the security properties.

This makes your risk assessment difficult. In order to save your customer a new purchase and the costly installation of a new secure storage unit, VdS offers an expert opinion for secure storage units, strongrooms and doors. Our experts will confirm for you that the original security features are still in place - either by means of an appraisal directly on site or (after consultation) by checking construction plans and technical and photographic documentation of the work carried out.