VdS-Schadenverhuetung Brandschutz

Facts about smoke extraction

Every 5 minutes a company burns in Germany (GIA studies). Every industry is affected.

This is because the main fire triggers are electrical defects - in computers, ventilation, lighting or the masses of sockets in every building.

A single kilo of smouldering plastic forms up to 2,500 m3 of gases containing thousands of corrosive and toxic pollutants. These usually penetrate much faster than the flames - quickly reaching areas not even affected by the fire. "Thus, even a small and spatially limited fire event can result in immense damage and production losses" (German Insurer Association).

Just a few breaths in a smoky room can irreparably damage lungs + cause unconsciousness. And after two minutes, death. In addition, the toxic smoke also contaminates, corrodes goods, equipment, infrastructure, causes data loss, damages the entire building structure. It is also the main obstacle to rescue and fire-fighting operations.

In the aftermath of a fire damage...

VdS-approved SHEVs reliably minimise the worst fire hazard:

With clearly proven reliability, these systems keep smoke damage minimal. They not only remove the toxic smoke gases, but also the stored heat of the fire - thus additionally preventing premature and often fatal failure of the building structure, e.g. the steel columns.

Your comprehensive coverage - the VdS loss prevention concept: