VdS-Schadenverhuetung Firmen und Fachkraefte

VdS Approval

Welding procedures

Fire extinguishing systems such as sprinkler systems are designed to operate continuously for decades. Poor quality of the piping can lead to damage to the extinguishing system, which can severely disrupt a company's operations.

The durability of the pipework is an existential factor for the functionality and reliability of an extinguishing system. The welded joints at pipe connections and sockets are a particular point of attack for corrosion and cracking. For this reason, approval for welding procedures on pipes smaller than DN 65 is a decisive factor in the design of an extinguishing system.

Welding roots and blowholes can have a considerable influence on the resistance of a weld seam, but they can also have a negative influence on the aqua-dynamics in the pipe network. Approval ensures that the quality of the piping used can withstand the loads of an extinguishing system even after decades.

Companies with approval for welding procedures on pipes smaller than DN 65 have the necessary qualified personnel as well as regularly tested welding equipment. This ensures that the required quality of welded points in the pipe network corresponds to the reliability of tested VdS systems at all time.