VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Product certification

VdS-Approval for smoke alarm devices

Highest reliability proven at 1st glance - by Europe's largest institute for fire protection.

Save lives - for sure: Make it easy for your customers to directly decide for you. More than 115 years of worldwide trust in our fire protection expertise are transferred into your approved smoke alarms.

With the synonym for reliable safety: the VdS Quality Seal.

  • Top purchase criterion for safety professionals (WIK/ASW-Enquete, the largest industry survey in Europe - for many years in a row).
  • Time-consuming CE/CPR procedure always directly included (important information for manufacturers).
  • Voting rights in more than 90 standards committees worldwide - we make your developments future-proof.


No more complicated explanations necessary: With the VdS-Approval, your smoke alarm devices are recommended by all relevant fire protection and construction experts, by national and international authorities and insurers. Fire brigades also advise to always look for the VdS logo on the packaging when buying - for your decisive competitive advantage:

We have been testing smoke alarms since they were first used. Our core objective is to save lives and minimise damage - with clearly proven safety. A pleasant side effect: boosting your sales success.

Good to know:

Further advantages for manufacturers

Certification of smoke alarms

From the very beginning, we bundle the well-known VdS competences for you in comprehensive support - and bring, among other things, the high complexity of modern detectors in line with the often strict standard requirements (currently especially in the booming smart building sector).

Certification of smoke alarms

We are a 100% - independent - subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV). Why is this important? Because with fire damage payments of over € 2 billion every year, insurers strongly care for fully reliable safety.

Certification of smoke alarms

Highest level of testing rigour regularly audited and certified by international EFSG experts.

Certification of smoke alarms

Unique expertise for supporting you - gained, among other things, from far over 30,000 inspections every year.

Certification of smoke alarms

100 % independence + highest objectivity certified by the state and numerous other accreditations (ISO, IEC, DAkkS, DIBt, EU-Notification).

Certification of smoke alarms

Comprehensive back-up also for wireless, externally powered, smart etc. detectors - everything from one source.

Certification of smoke alarms

Always included: Worldwide accepted test report listing all the strengths of your developments in detail.

We look forward to contributing to your success - with certainty:

Simply describe briefly which type of device (and if applicable, which additional function) you want to have approved. The appropriate expert will then contact you.


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