VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Laboratory for Mechanical Security Technology

Mechanical security systems form an indispensable basis for any conclusive protection concept.

VdS experts ensure that our customers' products withstand even the most sophisticated and latest methods of professional criminals. Companies, institutions and consumers on all continents rely on the VdS-certified reliability of individual components such as closing-cylinders or complete units such as burglar-resistant facade elements.

In the laboratory for mechanical security technology, our engineers test products on their resistance to burglary and theft attempts. Thus, a VdS approval for mechanical security technology certifies a mature and operationally reliable technology. The worldwide reputation of the VdS-quality-seal results, in addition to the use of modern technology and innovative test methods, especially from the extensive expertise and experience of our test engineers.

The implementation of the assessments is based on valid standards and the well-known practical VdS guidelines which are continuously adapted to new loss-scenarios.

As a part of product development individual test steps can be performed to detect cost-intensive developments at an early stage. Many manufacturers also use the opportunity to attend the tests to gain additional insights into the optimisation of their products.

The following product groups, systems and components can be tested:

  • Anti-burglary locks and fittings
  • High security Locks
  • Anti-burglary retrofit products
  • Lock cylinders
  • Attack resistant glazing
  • Bicycle locks and trailer locks
  • Anti-burglary facade elements (for example, doors, windows)
  • Parking ticket machines
  • Automatic unmanned filling stations
  • Other security measures (for example, container locks)

For new products VdS also conducts tests on the basis of test agreements which can be developed together with the customers in accordance with existing guidelines and standards.

Directories of VdS-approved products

Mechanical safety engineering