VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

The first choice for buyers, insurers and authorities:

Your way to VdS-Approval

You want to launch your smoke alarm devices on time and successfully - we reduce the time-to-market for you to a minimum:

Test planning

Defining the common certification goal, providing the technical documentation - simply by using our checklists. You receive your certification plan with a transparent cost breakdown.

A core requirement - first only from VdS, now also in the international standards - is a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001. We also offer this procedure on a cross-border basis - in combination you save cost and effort.

Now you can submit your "Request for approval".


Audit capability test

Transfer of the test items (easily by parcel, courier, etc.), precise schedule from VdS - with special emphasis on speed.

Testing, preparation of the test report, certification

Experts from our state-accredited certification body check all test results.

You receive your VdS-Approval

and can now promote your developments with this globally respected differentiating feature.

VdS-Approval is valid for 4 years. Factory audits and continued market inspections are one of the many factors that justify the special trust in your Quality Seal (You manufacture in Asia? Inspectors of our Shanghai office significantly reduce the necessary effort).

We prove. You sell: With the VdS-Approval, you offer the decisive investment argument for safety products - clearly proven reliability - directly at first glance.

Want to know more? Check our Guidelines VdS 2344, "Procedures for the testing, approval and certification of products and systems of fire protection and security technology".