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VdS-Field of Competence

Security Expertise

Benefit from VdS expertise and experience to successfully and jointly manage burglary and theft risks. This is because reliable security at the highest level is our common goal.

Together with you, we develop concepts and solutions for your holistic burglary and theft protection. Regardless of whether it is critical infrastructures, museums with valuable cultural assets, logistics centres as sensitive risk factors in the supply chain or data centres with high security and availability requirements. The qualified experts from VdS act as neutral sparring partners for your team.

The right decisions right from the start

We take the relevant VdS guidelines, relevant norms and applicable standards into account right from the start of your planning of essential security measures. In this way, you can ensure that legal requirements and insurance conditions are met. In addition, we support you and your service providers in evaluating your individual requirements with a long-term view to technological developments. On this basis, you are able to make efficient, future-proof investment decisions and avoid unnecessary costs even before they arise.


Our expert advice and consultancy: Your optimal security

A sound risk analysis and a sustainable concept are the basis for effective protection. We support you in this - also with periodical inspections of all measures and protection targets, for an optimal security level in the long term.

VdS is one of the most widely recognised institutions for all matters relating to corporate safety and security worldwide. We offer you first-hand knowledge: Our guidelines reflect the extensive experience gained from current practice. They provide the content framework for our industry-wide network of specialists when it comes to jointly identifying, assessing and managing your burglary and theft risk.

Comprehensive range of services: Our added value for your protection

Twelve advisory modules - precisely tailored to your needs. We will be delighted to draw up an individual offer for you.

1. Protection goals

Our neutral, expert view offers you valuable support in defining risk-appropriate protection goals. 

2. Conformity

When designing security measures, we support you and your service provider with regard to conformity with VdS guidelines, norms or standards that need to be defined - such as an intruder alarm system of VdS class C-SG3. 

3. Concept consulting

Our experts advise you on the planning of security solutions, such as burglar alarm systems, in order to develop together with you a solid and feasible concept that achieves your protection goals. 

4. Risk assessment

Together with you, we assess your risk resulting from hazards, vulnerabilities and measures. This provides you with a well-founded current-target analysis as a basis for your investment decisions. 

5. Planning phase

We support you in the planning of your measures. At the same time, we are also there as a competent contact partner to assist the planners who are carrying out the work. By regularly comparing the protection goals with the conformity requirements, we identify planning errors at an early stage - so you avoid unnecessary costs. 

6. Construction phase

During the construction phase, we are available to answer questions from the companies carrying out the work. We provide support in the event of necessary changes, so that even unforeseeable circumstances and findings can be brought into line with the existing protection goals and framework conditions. 

7. Installation

We evaluate installed security and safety measures with regard to specifications from planning and project development, as well as relevant guidelines and standards. The evaluation is carried out in accordance with your specifications, either in full or on a random sample basis. 

8. Protection target analysis

We provide you with an analysis of the extent to which existing security measures are suitable for achieving your protection goals, whilst also taking into account the specific framework conditions.  

9. Expert assessment

As assessors with broad expertise from countless test procedures, we complement your team as neutral sparring partners. If required, we also prepare independent expert reports as evidence for insurers or other risk carriers. 

10. Accompanying tests

If the devices and systems used to date have not yet been approved by VdS, we will check on request whether your individual measures can be sensibly integrated into the future protection concept by means of a case-by-case inspection. 

11. Recurring inspections

Properties change, burglars adapt their strategies and security standards evolve. Therefore, we regularly check whether your security system is still effective and achieves the required protection goals in the long term.  

12. SiMS

We support you in the transfer of your security concept into a continuous security management system (SiMS) in accordance with the VdS 3406 guidelines. This enables you to continuously and demonstrably achieve your protection goals during operation and to prove this to third parties at any time with an independent certificate.