Global Standard ISO 9001

Quality Management

To be successful in the current market, companies must have clearly defined processes.

In this context, certified quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 offer clear advantages: They stimulate the certified company to describe and to implement its processes. The analysis of customer requirements, for example, and the implementation of the controlled service and production processes contribute to supply the customers constantly and according to their expectations.

Only companies that permanently meet these high expectations, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and thereby gain the long-term loyalty of the customers.

Certified quality management systems create customer confidence

The certification of QM systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 creates the necessary confidence among customers in consistently high quality - especially for VdS-approved products and services. For these reasons, VdS requires proof of a certified QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 as part of the product and installer approval procedures.

As early as 1991, VdS extended its range of services to the certification of QM systems and in 1992 was one of the first certifiers in Germany to be accredited by the Trägergemeinschaft für Akkreditierung GmbH (TGA). In the meantime, VdS has audited and certified the QM systems of more than 1,200 companies from a wide range of industries. With great success: Participating companies confirm that the introduction of a QM system secures company expertise, makes operating processes leaner and more transparent and thus reduces overall costs. The avoidance of errors already in the development/project planning phase and fewer complaints as well as warranty claims through a consistently high product or service quality are further advantages of a functioning QM system.

Highly Qualified Team of VdS Auditors

The training of the auditing team from VdS is determined by the sophisticated requirements of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ), which must be fulfilled by the auditors. These include:

  • High level qualification through extensive and practical education and training.
  • Independence from customers, consultants or other service providers.
  • Impartiality to achieve the highest possible level of objectivity.
  • Clear behaviour regarding conflicts of interest.

Wide Technical Range

The team of auditors from VdS currently comprises of 20 auditors who work nationally and internationally. All auditors are permanently employed by VdS. Thus, we enable our customers to access the diverse range of VdS services, which is usually provided by an auditor. Our conveniently based locations in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt and Nuremberg ensure a cost-effective journey to your business location.

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