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Manufacturer of secure storage units

VdS is the top address for your product certification

As the only manufacturer-independent testing and certification body in Germany and a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV), VdS has been testing and certifying secure storage units for almost 30 years now.

The VdS seal of approval for products and service providers has once again been recognised by the WIK/ASW Enquête as the most important purchasing criterion in the security market. Manufacturers, insurers and consumers worldwide rely on the expertise of VdS for the testing and certification of secure storage units.

Take advantage of the benefits of VdS-approval to optimally position your product on the market

Support with the introduction of product innovations

VdS develops guidelines flexibly to support manufacturers in the introduction of product innovations. In doing so, we are always in close dialogue with public and private bodies. In 2007, for example, after extensive basic research and development work, VdS extended its guidelines for secure storage units to include the requirements and test methods for gas blasting of secure storage units for ATMs. This enabled manufacturers to bring the innovation of gas blast resistance for ATM cash-boxes to the market at an early stage. A good five years later, in 2012, the requirements and test methods developed by VdS were incorporated into the EN 1143-1 standard.

Testing and certification of your products in accordance with VdS guidelines

The VdS guidelines cover all relevant standards for secure storage units in full and, in addition, impose further-reaching requirements that are not sufficiently taken into account in other standards. VdS is constantly refining its guidelines in the light of new developments and trends.

VdS-approval also for further product features

The retrofitting of components for intruder alarm systems (IAS) can lower the security level of a secure storage unit by e.g. incorrect installation of the IAS components or lead to false alarms or missing alarms. The standards for secure storage units do not adequately describe these cases.

VdS has therefore developed special requirements and test methods (VdS 2264) which enable you to easily equip your secure storage unit with a burglar alarm system. This has the advantage that a connection, e.g. to a VdS-approved burglar alarm system, can also be carried out subsequently without great effort.

Trust in the consistently high quality of our services

Our highly trained test engineers have many years of experience in the testing of secure storage units. New VdS employees must - regardless of their high level of previous knowledge/training - undergo a further, good 3-year training period. This enables us to guarantee a constant and reproducible quality of our services.

Testing your products under accredited conditions

The Weapons Act explicitly requires a certified safekeeping unit for the storage of weapons. This certification must also be carried out by an accredited certification body. VdS meets the legal requirements 100 % and is accredited by the DAkkS as a testing and certification body. 

The testing of secure storage units is also carried out under accredited conditions. The accreditation confirms that VdS implements and maintains a management system according to ISO/IEC 17025 - for testing - and ISO/IEC 17065 - for certification. This complex procedure, which we voluntarily undergo, confirms that VdS tests and certifications of secure storage units are carried out impartially and competently in accordance with the relevant European standards.

VdS certificate as door opener for the European market

As a founding member of the European Fire and Security Group, VdS traditionally works very closely with leading European testing and certification bodies. VdS-approval thus enables you to offer your high-quality secure storage units in accordance with EN 1143-1 on the European market.

Your way to the VdS certificate

In a preliminary discussion we will clarify the requirements for VdS-approval with you.

Whether series products or special designs: Together we design the appropriate VdS test procedures.

After placing your order for testing and certification, you submit your product together with documentation. Your partner at VdS checks the completeness and then prepares the test plan with reliable statements about the time schedule.

After the successful completion of the exams and the fulfilment of all further requirements, you will receive the certificate of your VdS recognition. Recognitions are based on VdS guidelines that we have developed ourselves, which are practice-oriented and constantly updated. They always cover the EN standards and are compatible with NFPA, BS or FM standards.

The procedural guidelines are available on request or at www.vds.de/2344. Contact us if you are interested in VdS-approval for your secure storage unit or have any further questions.