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Lightning protection specialists

for hazardous area

More than one million lightning strikes every year in Germany alone (VdS-MeteoInfo) - which are of course particularly devastating in potentially explosive areas. For such "systems requiring monitoring", the Industrial Safety Regulation § 3 (3) requires the operator to select and commission a person "qualified" for necessary tests.

The official requirements include, for example

  • "the operator of a system requiring monitoring must be certain that the necessary external and internal lightning protection measures have been adapted to the concrete hazard in the sense of the BetrSichV and the technical rules (TRBS) assigned to it."
  • If external and internal lightning protection is necessary due to the presence of a system requiring monitoring, or if the inclusion of explosion zones according to BetrSichV, Appendix 3 is required when installing external and internal lightning protection measures, all measures implemented must be checked and approved by the aforementioned qualified person after completion."
  • "Such release must determine whether all relevant measures - especially those according to TRBS 2152 Part 3, Section 5.8 - have been carried out correctly and safely. If necessary, the explosion protection document must be adapted accordingly in accordance with § 6 BetrSichV (see § 6 (3) BetrSichV)."

With a VdS-approved expert, you can directly consider all the prescribed points to be completed. With security certified by Europe's No.1 for loss prevention - for your company, your delivery promises and your employees.

VdS approval always includes vocational training, specially proven knowledge and relevant experience with clear practical relevance to the specific hazard. In addition, there is continuous further training and clearly proven 100% independence.


Make it easy on yourself:

Minimise risks + effort. Optimise efficiency. With certainty.


Rely on VdS-approval - the most important proof of quality in the security market.


  • Both in theory and practice, the experts can clearly prove their competence to Europe's No. 1 for corporate security - from equipment to execution.

  • The experts are always 100% independent.

  • Training, certification and assistance combine all our experience from over 110 years of loss prevention work.

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Access to the approval procedure

have natural persons who


All details can be found in the  approval guidelines VdS 2011..



Make it easy for your customers to choose you:


Safety and security managers, company directors, insurers and authorities know that they can rely on the VdS seal of quality all round - and thus also on the strengths of your approved lightning protection services.

From the very first contact with your homepage, at trade fairs, by e-mail or in a letter of offer, you show that your customers are on the safe side with you. No more time-consuming explanations necessary.


Operators, insurers and authorities recognise directly:

The execution, testing and documentation of all necessary external and internal lightning protection measures are reliably implemented by a suitably qualified person. The compliance with all necessary rules of technology is clearly proven.



Further important assistance can be downloaded free of charge:


VdS 2031 - Lightning and surge protection in electrical systems, non-binding guidelines for damage prevention

VdS 2010 - Risk-oriented lightning and surge protection