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CE marking services

(always directly included in VdS-Approval)


In short:

  • CE is often described as „passport“ for building products to be placed on the EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) markets.
  • Stands for conformity with European standards, „Conformité Européenne“ – stating the product complies with EU safety laws. For fire protection technologies, this needs to be assessed by a notified body like VdS.
  • Is not a quality seal but a legal requirement by the EU market authorities.

For your quick access to 1/6 of the global economy without any border restrictions, our experts will support you in speedily finishing the complex certification work – saving you costs and even more time.

Notified according to EU Construction Products Regulation CPR, registered under ID 0786, we can support you with +110 years of testing experience. Make use of our proven skills in succesfully managing the entire CE process.


Details for easing your planning


Neccessary if

you wish to sell any product covered by a harmonised EU standard – which includes most fire protection technologies – within the European Economic Area EEA (the 28 EU countries + Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway. https://www.efta.int/eea ). Also essential for selling in Switzerland, Turkey, Balkan states. UK fully accepts CE marking till the end of 2021.


How to get the CE mark

Responsible for CE certification is whoever puts the product on the EU / EFTA markets, i.e. a manufacturer, importer, distributor, installer etc.


To do:

  1. Identifying the EU directive/s + regulation/s applying to your product + ensuring compliance.
  2. Checking if certification by a notified institute is neccessary – for shortening your research: it is for most components used in FDAS, SHEVS or extinguishers.
  3. Conducting the conformity assessment, compiling a Declaration of Performance DoP according to the European Construction Products Regulation CPR including testing + risk assessment.
  4. Developing the required technical documentation.
  5. Affixing CE marking (required by EU legislation on product, packaging, literature).



Tick it all off easily – with VdS:


„Well-known“ are the complexity and extent of the CE process. Our experts will take care of all needed verifications + paperwork for you – and clearly ensure every legislative necessity is met. With quick support, one single contact person + our proven focus on efficiency.

Or you can choose the simplest solution: every single CE / CPR step is fully included in VdS-Approval, Europe´s No.1 Quality Seal for safety (costing around 20 % more than the sole CE procedure).

What we can do for you


Highly speeding up + easing all CE / CPR / DoP processes since most European safety norms have been written with strong VdS support. As our customers say: „VdS makes the standards applicable in the first place.“

Our engineers

  • clarify for you exactly which directives and harmonized standards are relevant for your product.
  • specify all product-related requirements, review the technical documentation – at much lower costs for you in total because due to doing this all the time, we clarify at highspeed.
  • also support you with prototype testing to ensure right from the start + before high costs arise all statutory requirements will be met. A bonus effect for you: the simplifying + streamlining of product design.
  • offer you a wide range of additional services for optimizing your time-to-market; also with an office in Shanghai for minimizing costs in auditing Asian factories.
  • carry out the entire conformity evaluation procedure on your behalf (if you wish also directly in one process VdS, DIBt, ISO certificates), minimizing liability risks and fully ensuring you safely comply with all regulations.


Leave the laborious conformity work to us – so you can concentrate on the core achievements that make your products successful.

Directly to the application (VdS 2344 Annex F)

Want more detail? Here´s the "leaflet on test plans for CPR products" (VdS 3153en)


Would you like further information?


Our experts will be happy to support you with comprehensive advice and assistance:


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