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Experts for Building Infrastructure Cabling

Mega-trend digitalisation: "Where there used to be hardware, today there is only cable," said a researcher at a loss prevention conference of the German Insurance Association GDV (Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft). The efficiency and reliability of building infrastructure cabling (GIV) is now an important basis for business success.

However, the potential of costly IT networks is often held back by incorrectly planned or poorly implemented cabling systems, installed by providers without specialist knowledge. VdS-approved GIV experts offer you comprehensive protection and, above all, optimised solutions for this important technology.

Thanks to special training courses (exclusively in VdS-approved Training Centers), they ensure expertly executed planning and installation of the data centre infrastructure, from automation networking to technical building automation. Well-known companies and organisations have been relying on this quality standard for years and prescribe VdS-approved GIV experts in projects.

Make it easy on yourself:

Minimize risks + expense. Optimize efficiency. With security.


Rely on the VdS recognition - the most important proof of quality in the security market.


  • The experts can clearly prove their competence in theory and practice against Europe's No.1 for corporate security - from equipment to execution.
  • Hundreds of risk analysts in the companies of the GDV (German Insurance Association) find new sources of risk - which is communicated to the VdS-recognized professionals, including loss prevention tips.
  • The experts are always 100% independent - another important assurance.
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Basis for recognition

VdS offers an approval process to experts who know the problems of building infrastructure cabling and can offer solutions. The basis for the approval is a comprehensive training as well as a proof of competence in the form of examinations. The training and the necessary qualification examinations are offered exclusively by VdS approved training centers.

Access to the approval process shall be provided for individuals who

  • Professionally inspect electrical equipment and systems and who are permanently available, neither install nor distribute electrical equipment and installations or who alternatively can demonstrate the objectivity and independence of their expert activities by means of a certified public order and swearing in ceremony.
  • Has a completed degree in electrical engineering (university of applied sciences) or, alternatively, as master electrician, who has a public order and swearing-in as an expert in the electrical installation trade,
  • Has a five-year practical experience after completing his studies and who has acquired profound knowledge and experience in the field of electrical engineering in general as well as in the field of installation technology in particular.