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Extinguishing Systems

New Protection Concepts

The activities of VdS in the field of Fire Protection are aligned with the effectiveness and reliability of installed fire protection systems.

The aim is to confirm their effectiveness and reliability in approvals and recurring inspections of installed fire protection systems. Based on decades of experience, VdS has introduced concepts for many plant technologies (for example, sprinkler systems, gas extinguishing systems, fire detection systems) which stand for effective and reliable fire protection systems.

The effectiveness and reliability of a fire protection system can be confirmed by VdS as part of an initial approval of the plant, if

  • for the plant technology (for example sprinkler systems, gas extinguishing systems) guidelines for planning and installation are available,
  • the guidelines for planning and installation include the running protection concept,
  • the system was installed in accordance with the guidelines for planning and installation of an approved installer,
  • VdS-approved roducts (components, systems) are used in the plant

The VdS concept operates effectively for a specific fire protection system and without further required measures, if all components of the VdS concept are available for the applied plant technology and the running protection concept. However, this is not always the case. Particularly for new protection concepts, which are not described in the VdS guidelines for planning and installation, the missing components from the VdS concept must be replaced by the approval of the new protection concept or the new plant technology. The procedures for these approvals must always prove extinguishing efficiency and reliability, provided, for example, by fire and extinguishing tests.

VdS Procedural Guidelines

Protection concepts with extinguishing systems: