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Approval procedure for key services

With the approval procedure for "companies for emergency opening of windows and doors", both service providers and consumers benefit equally

The emergency business

Emergency opening of doors and windows is usually carried out when the owner can no longer enter his house or apartment due to a loss of keys. In this emergency situation, affected persons repeatedly come across companies that perform the emergency opening improperly or demand completely excessive amounts.

Important orientation guide when choosing reputable locksmiths

The VdS seal helps consumers to identify outstanding and reputable service providers at first glance. The new approval procedure of VdS ensures that key services carry out their work properly and professionally and offer transparent conditions to the customer. To this end, the VdS 3864 guidelines define a profile of requirements for the relevant companies and the persons acting on their behalf.

Advantages for companies that perform emergency opening of doors and windows

As an expert in corporate security, VdS has been a premium partner for service providers, manufacturers and users in the security market for over 110 years. According to official industry surveys, the VdS seal of quality is repeatedly the No.1 purchase criterion, which is also preferred by police, fire brigades and decision-makers around the world.

With the certificate, you as a service provider make your knowledge transparent and show yourself to the market and your customers as a reliable partner. This gives you considerable advantages over your competitors.

Your way to VdS approval

The approval guidelines VdS 3864 define the requirements for your VdS approval and regulate the procedure. In addition to a thorough inspection of the premises and the available tools, the procedure also provides for a review of processes and documents, such as opening protocols and price information. In addition to the proof of comprehensive knowledge in the field of door and window technology, a further prerequisite is the successful completion of the VdS course "Opening Technology".

If you are interested in our approval procedure and have general questions about the VdS 3864 guidelines, please contact us.