VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

What exactly are we testing?

Your VdS-approved smoke alarm devices have proven in extensive practical tests in the worldwide unique infrastructure of our Cologne laboratories that they reliably deliver the one decisive performance: Saving lives in the event of fire.

Functional safety is clearly proven

  • in real test fires (detection of open as well as smouldering fires),
  • in our unique acoustic measurement room,
  • in the mechanical smoke generator,
  • after artificial ageing,
  • after shock and special impact as well as vibration tests,
  • with temperature fluctuations,
  • under difficult environmental conditions such as electromagnetic influences etc.


Always included (and clearly exceeded): German and EU fire protection standards, DIN + EN / CE / CPR and mostly also ISO.

VdS-approved smoke alarms also score best with the famous "foundation product test" and German state television. And the WIK/ASW Enquete, the most comprehensive sector survey in Europe, proved for many years in a row (unfortunately ending in 2016 with buying up of WIK magazine): the VdS Quality Seal is the most important purchasing criterion for fire protection experts.