VdS-Schadenverhuetung Brandschutz

VdS Approval

Installation Company for Smoke Exhaust Ventilation Systems

VdS-approved installers for Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems (SHEVS)

The most serious fire damage is usually not caused by flames, but by smoke. In the smoke, only a few breaths are sufficient for a loss of consciousness, a few minutes in smoke-filled rooms can be fatal: over 90% of the victims of a fire die from smoke poisoning. Smoke also contaminates all surrounding devices and systems and even the building shell. And: smoke gases store fire heat. The smoke quickly reaches temperatures that ignite all materials in a room. This is why smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are a crucial part of safety concepts.

In case of a fire, these systems automatically and immediately extract the fire smoke and the fire heat from buildings. Thus, SHEVS enable humans to escape from the fire as well as makes a targeted rescue attack by the fire brigade possible. In order to ensure this reliably, installers have to precisely calculate the aerodynamically effective opening area for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, to determine thermal flushing and to precisely match the interfaces to the fire detection technology.

VdS-approved installers of SHEVS have their own quality management system, they always have the necessary tools and spare parts stocked and protect their customers with the latest fire protection competences. Also they only use the VdS systems tested in every detail for safety and reliability. Above all, they have proven their expertise and their reliable execution quality in numerous tests on the specific types of equipment directly on site. With VdS, builders, contractors and operators are always on the safe side.

VdS-approved installers for Stairway Smoke Extraction Systems (EAT)

Smoke extraction systems in stairwells are generally required by building regulations. VdS offers SES installers of such systems the opportunity to prove the quality of their work with the approval procedure: these installers must have a VdS-approved system and demonstrate planning and installation knowledge.