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VdS-approval for Companies and Specialist Professionals

VdS-approval differentiates you from the competition

VdS-approved installation and specialist companies, specialist planners and personnel, security service providers, consultants, experts and specialist professionals have an important task in the integrated security approach of VdS: they ensure that at the end of the security chain a system based on the VdS rules and regulations can be operated and is highly effective.

VdS-approval often covers legal or insurance-related requirements, so that VdS-approved companies and experts have considerable advantages over non-approved competitors. This is because they can prove with their certificate that they know their trade and meet all customer requirements, regulations and conditions.

With the VdS-approval you demonstrate that

  • You have all relevant organisational and technical skills
  • Their quality of execution meets the highest standards
  • You have the equipment necessary for the execution
  • You keep your know-how up to date with the latest technology even after certification.

For this reason, VdS-approved companies and specialists are expressly recommended by the fire brigade, police and building authorities, but also by insurers and safety officers. By the way, VdS-approval also covers all DIN/EN specifications.

As a leading institution for corporate safety and security, VdS has an enormously broad range of services covering the areas of fire prevention and protection, security, natural hazard prevention and cyber-security. VdS- approvals for companies and specialists are correspondingly versatile.

In total, these include specialist planners in hazard prevention, installers of mechanical security systems, installers of hazard detection technology, smart building specialists, security service providers, service companies for maintenance, repair and conversion services for secure storage units, consultants for cyber-security, consultants for data protection management and specialist planners in hazard prevention, Installers for hazard detection technology - fire alarm systems, installers for fire extinguishing systems, installers for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVs), security service providers, experts for testing electrical systems, experts for electro-thermography, experts for lightning and surge protection, EMC experts for photovoltaic systems and experts for communication cable systems.