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VdS-Field of Competence


Corporate security is a part of corporate risk management, which increasingly needs to take into account security aspects.

Therefore, risk-aware and responsibly acting companies attach special emphasis on high-quality security products and services. The first choice for the proof of quality is the VdS approval. Our tests and certifications in the security field of competence help to make companies more secure.

Safe implementation of building networking

VdS-approved Smart Building Specialists

"Smart" definitely does not mean "safe", as is well known far beyond our industry thanks to numerous practical examples. Europe's largest institute for security and safety is therefore pooling its experience gained from the beginning of digitalisation in the training of loss prevention experts in this field. The approved experts close the numerous protection gaps in Smart Buildings with clearly proven competencies.


For the whole of Europe from one single source – Certification of Products

In our laboratories with our worldwide unique personnel and technical equipment, we examine the long-term functionality and reliability of security products. The WIK / ASW-Study, the most comprehensive survey of security and safety experts in Europe confirms for many years that: The most important purchasing criterion for decision-makers is the VdS certification.



Certified Installer Companies

Each safety chain is only as strong as its weakest link: It is crucial that security products are installed by professionals. The police stress that the reason that  burglaries are successful despite existing safety mechanisms and devices is often deficient installation. Therefore VdS certifies the installers of security systems as well as the security products themselves.


Certified Security Services

For optimum protection object security alarm signals (alarm, faults, status messages) must be immediately transmitted from monitored objects, safely transferred to the competent authorities and coordinated there. These processes along the safety and security chain must be controlled, checked and carried out under defined conditions. VdS provides approval procedures for personnel and companies in the field of security and safety services.


Certified Management Systems

The certification of quality management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 creates for customers the necessary confidence in a consistent high quality – especially with VdS-approved products and services. Also with workplace health and safety, improvements should be sought in all areas of the company. The standard BS OHSAS 18001 gives you a systematic approach.


VdS approval for Certified Electricians

In addition to the approval of installation companies and specialist companies VdS also offers personal certifications for professionals in electrical engineering. These include, among others, experts for the inspection and testing of electrical systems, EMC technical experts, experts for electro thermography and technical experts for building infrastructure cabling.


Certification Professional Planners for Emergency Response

Consulting and services provided by professional planners and engineering offices are expected to focus on supporting companies and organisations in the field of hazard prevention, in all relevant areas at a defined level of quality. The new guidelines VdS-3104 set out the requirements for professional planners in hazard prevention. 


Expert Conferences

VdS bundles more than 100 years experience in loss prevention in numerous national and international conferences. Hands-on knowledge is always presented by experts from various disciplines. Also discussions and an exchange of views have a permanent place at all VdS meetings and seminars.  


Training Courses

The more than 200 education and further training programs offered by VdS are evaluated by our guests with top marks - for example, a 95% recommendation rate. Our training program in the field of fire protection covers more than 30 different basic and expert specialised courses.


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