VdS-Schadenverhuetung Brandschutz

Your way to the No.1 Certificate for Safety Decision-Makers

You want to bring your components / systems to the worldwide markets successfully and on time - we reduce the time-to-market for you to a minimum:

Test planning

Define the common certification goal, provide the technical documentation - simply by using our checklists. You will also receive your certification plan directly with a transparent cost breakdown.

Audit capability test

Handover of the test setups, precise + resilient schedule from VdS - with special attention to speed.

Tests, preparation of the test report, Certification

Experts from our state-accredited certification body check all test results.

You receive your VdS-Approval

and can now promote your components and/or systems with this globally respected differentiator.

We prove. You sell: Trust in our certification expertise built up over 110 years ensures you a significantly higher added value. The decisive investment argument in our industry - reliability - is offered directly at 1st glance with the VdS-Approval.

Simply briefly describe which type of component/system you want to have approved. The appropriate expert will contact you immediately.

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