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VdS Schadenverhütung is the publisher of the guidelines in the well-known VdS 10000 series and offers training, guides, quick checks, and certifications developed for them.

When a threat meets a vulnerability, danger arises.

Improve the resilience of your company and the know-how of your employees in the shortest possible time with the aim of minimizing risk and giving the threats that affect your environment no chance.
This is loss prevention in its purest form: the VdS cyber security offers!

With our exclusive VdS 10000 series, we offer tailor-made solutions that not only raise information security, but also data protection in small and medium-sized companies to a new level. From VdS 10005 for small businesses to our core, the ISMS according to VdS 10000 based on ISO 27001, to meeting the GDPR requirements with VdS 10010 - we have the keys to a secure business environment.

And for those who are in a hurry, we offer the VdS Quick Audit and our vulnerability analysis: lightning-fast analyzes of your cyber security to close security gaps and put insurance decisions on a solid basis.

Welcome to VdS Schadenverhütung, where cyber security and medium-sized businesses become one.

VdS 10005 - Information Securtiy

Small business

The VdS 10005 is an industry-specific catalog of measures for small and micro-enterprises to ensure an appropriate level of information security. It is designed for companies with up to 20 employees and provides practical requirements for responsibilities, IT systems, networks, environment, data backup, and IT service providers. The goal is a resource-appropriate safeguarding of the IT landscape. With a VdS certificate according to VdS 10005, companies gain high confidence in their information security and benefit from competitive advantages, enhanced risk management, and relieved management.

VdS 10000 - Information Security

Medium business

The VdS 10000 is a certifiable ISMS (Information Security Management System) specifically tailored to the needs of medium-sized businesses. As a subset of ISO 27001 and BSI Grundschutz, it offers a practical and structured solution for comprehensive information security. Companies can effectively plan, implement, and continually improve their information security with it. Certification according to VdS 10000 builds trust with customers and business partners and demonstrates compliance with high-security standards. With the add-on VdS 10020, it also provides a guide for the interpretation and implementation of VdS 10000 for Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

VdS 10010 - Data Privacy

Medium business

Data protection management made easy with VdS 10010: Easily meet the requirements of the GDPR. These concise guidelines are specifically tailored to small and medium-sized businesses, providing a clear structure for implementation. Closely linked to the established VdS 10000 for information security, they enable an integrated management system. With clear requirements and practical solutions, SMEs achieve an appropriate level of data protection without excessive organizational or financial burden. Trust in the tried-and-tested guidelines of VdS 10010 and ensure effective data protection in accordance with the GDPR.

VdS Quick-Audit


The VdS Quick Audit for Information Security is an independent status analysis of cyber-security measures in companies, based on the VdS Quick Check. It is especially suitable for smaller businesses and typically takes one day. The audit report provides a detailed assessment of existing measures, identifies security gaps, and offers specific improvement suggestions. In particular, the Quick Audit serves as a valuable examination component for insurers to assess the insurability of clients. Use the VdS Quick Audit to make your insurance decisions on a solid information basis and minimize potential risks.