VdS-Schadenverhuetung Security

Protect your valuables

Benefits for consumers

In order to protect your valuables from being taken away quickly, a safe is a good investment - but only if its safety function can withstand an emergency. VdS has been testing and certifying secure storage units of various resistance grades and manufacturers in accordance with the latest requirements and test methods of the VdS guidelines - for almost 30 years. When buying a secure storage unit, look out for the VdS seal.

We guarantee the greatest possible protection for your valuables by

Always up-to-date tests according to the latest findings and trends in crime

The test against burglary necessary for VdS-approval is carried out by our experienced test engineers as a so-called "worst case test" with the help of more than 250 different tools.

Our tests are carried out in accordance with VdS-guidelines, which are constantly being further developed and adapted to current trends and procedures of offenders. To this end, we are in close and regular dialogue with the insurance industry, regulatory authorities and the responsible ministries. Thanks to the practical specifications and the rapid incorporation of current circumstances, our VdS-guidelines are always up to date and secure the trust placed in us by manufacturers, insurers, authorities and end customers.

Assistance in selecting the appropriate degree of resistance

As an aid and basis for the selection of a secure storage unit, you can use our extensive suggestions for the non-binding cover sums from our Technical Commentaries (Opens external link in new windowVdS 3134 Part 1). These are also used by the insurers for risk assessment. The non-binding sums insured for safes according to VdS 2450 are as follows:

Sum1.,2., EUR
in security cabinet in accordance with VdS 2862, class S15.000
in security cabinet in accordance with VdS 2862, class S230.000
1 The use of an intruder alarm system does not affect the above-mentioned amounts of cover.
2. The sums mentioned refer to risks in exclusively private use.


The non-binding cover sums for safes in accordance with VdS 2450 are as follows:

Storage in a closed,
VdS-approved safe1
with resistance grade
Without IAS up to
Sum2 [EUR]
With VdS-approved
IAS3 up to Sum2,4
1) Safes must have a minimum mass of 200 kg for household risks or be anchored in accordance with the manufacturer's assembly instructions.
2) The sums mentioned refer to risks in exclusively private use.
3) Pre-fitting of VdS-approved safes for the subsequent installation of IAS components is possible (as an option).
4) The amounts of cover stated when using an Intruder Alarm System are only valid in connection with an Intruder Alarm System approved by VdS.)

Secure connection of your safe to a burglar alarm system

Subsequent improper attachment of components for intrusion detection systems to a secure storage unit can reduce the security level of the secure storage unit or impair the functionality of the Intruder Alarm System components. A frequent consequence: false alarms that not only unsettle you and your neighbours but, depending on the federal state, may also become expensive if an intervention is made by a security service provider and the police.

VdS has therefore developed special requirements and test methods (Opens external link in new windowVdS 2264) which make it possible to easily pre-equip or equip the secure storage unit with a burglar alarm system. This has the advantage that a connection e.g. to a VdS-approved burglar alarm system can also be carried out subsequently without great effort. Thus the security level is not impaired and false alarms are consistently avoided.

If you own an intruder alarm system or wish to procure one in the future, make sure when purchasing a secure storage unit that the secure storage unit is approved for a preliminary or equipment for IAS components.

Regular checks for consistent VdS-tested quality

The consistent quality of the VdS-approved secure storage units is ensured by regular production controls in the manufacturers' production facilities. VdS puts the entire production process through its paces, from the procurement of individual parts/semi-finished products, through the production of the required individual parts and assembly, to final testing.

To ensure that the constant production quality of VdS-approved products is not left to chance, VdS also requires the operation of a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, which systematically establishes and continuously improves basic quality requirements in processes and structures, including development, procurement and production.

In combination with the initial product testing at VdS and the VdS production control at the manufacturing plant, this results in a close monitoring, which is one of the reasons for the high level of trust that the VdS brand enjoys worldwide.

Approved duplex cabinets, which provide additional protection against fire

If secure storage units serve to protect against fire events, they are referred to as data protection cabinets or light fire protection cabinets. If you want to protect your valuables against fire and burglary, you will also find safes in our directorythat protect against both - these are so-called duplex safes.

VdS-approved service companies for secure storage

So that your valuables container is not only safe, but also remains safe.

Secure storage units are durable products. Service measures may become necessary over time, especially for older secure storage units. In addition to regular maintenance work, such as oiling the moving parts, over time a conversion may also become necessary, for example if keys or codes are lost.  

Both can impair the security level of the secure storage unit if carried out improperly. This not only jeopardises the protection of the valuables, but also the insurance cover, and in the event of a loss, the full damage may not be compensated.

With the  VdS- approval procedure for service companies for the maintenance, repair and conversion service of secure storage units, not only the manufacturer but also VdS-approved companies are able to carry out this service. Insurers and users can rely on the usual excellent training and quality of these companies.

In addition to VdS-training and a VdS- examination, these VdS-approved companies must meet extensive requirements and provide evidence of specific knowledge. During the approval period, they are regularly monitored by VdS. If deficiencies are found during this monitoring, the company must remedy them at no cost to the user.