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VdS Quick-Audit

Have the self-disclosures from the VdS Quick Check verified with an independent status analysis

The VdS Quick Audit offers an independent status analysis of the cyber security measures in companies. It is based on the results of the respective VdS quick check. This procedure is particularly suitable for smaller companies and can be carried out for both information security and data protection. The quick audit usually lasts one day and is carried out remotely. The audit report provides a detailed assessment of the existing measures, reveals security gaps and offers concrete suggestions for improvement.

In contrast to the self-disclosures of the Quick Check, the Quick Audit report is created by an independent party. Therefore, in conjunction with the VdS Quick Audit certificate, it represents a valuable component in precautionary measures to meet information security requirements.

Special feature:
The quick audit also serves as an audit module for insurers. It allows insurers to assess the insurability of their customers. Use the VdS Quick Audit to make well-founded insurance decisions and minimize potential risks.

The VdS quick audit for information security focuses on checking the cyber security measures in your company. It provides a comprehensive analysis of these measures as well as clear and concrete recommendations for improvement. The quick audit ensures that your information security reaches an appropriate level and helps to identify and close potential security gaps.
It can be supplemented by the results of the VdS Quick Check for Manufacturing Companies (ICS).

During the quick audit for data protection, our auditors examine the data protection measures taken in the company. The focus here is on the measures necessary to implement the requirements of the EU GDPR. Of course, you will also receive suggestions for improving your data protection management system.

The final audit report shows in detail which measures are already effective and reveals existing gaps. You will also receive concrete suggestions from our independent auditors to improve your cyber security.

Since the VdS Quick Audit is a snapshot, we recommend repeating it at appropriate intervals. This way you can ensure that your measures keep pace with the development of your company and the changing threat landscape.

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