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Good reasons for efficient risk management

Many companies underestimate the risks posed by fire, burglary, natural hazards such as storm and flood, and cyber-crime: Although German insurers will be settling commercial losses for over 7 billion euros* in 2014, the consequences for the companies affected are often nonetheless devastating:

43 %* of the companies affected by fires - almost every second company - could no longer start operations.

15 %* of companies have lost their creditworthiness.

*Source: General Association of the German Insurance Industry

The reason for this is that although pure losses as well as operating downtimes are covered by the insurers, a major fire or other serious loss event such as flooding limits the possibilities for companies to provide services - often for a long time. Then even loyal customers are forced to switch, which means that the affected companies are forced to go into insolvency.

Often it is not only the obvious damage that causes long downtimes, but also consequential damage (exposure to soot, corrosive gases, pollution with toxic substances, etc.) which can be particularly serious for the company and the environment.

In a globally networked society, it is difficult to control damage such as major fires and disasters by media. Within a very short time, pictures, videos - often supplemented by false reports and speculation - are spread on many channels. In order to avoid the partly existential damage to the image resulting from this, it must be the primary goal to keep the probability of a fire or other disaster as low as possible.

These facts prove how important risk management is - as an investment in the future security of your company. Thanks to more than 100 years of experience in loss prevention, VdS knows exactly where the typical risks lurk for you. And even more important:

Our experts know how to minimise these threats.

We are your maximised protection against cost-intensive losses.