Basis of your approval:

The VdS guidelines that set standards worldwide

(With precise assistance for networking, smart embedding + other important functions).

Safety and construction press call them technical "bibles": VdS guidelines, the basis of our approvals - and often the basis of EU and worldwide ISO standards. We combine over 110 years of fire protection experience in the unique VdS certification model - and cover the complete product family for you from a single source:

The standard work in our industry:

In 2010, together with the fire brigade experts of the non-profit vfdb (Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection), we formulated increased requirements for smoke alarms. Since then, the guidelines VdS 3131 and, with the same wording, vfdb 14/1 have been the standard work for the testing and certification of these lifesavers.

Just one of many examples: A permanently installed battery with a service life of at least 10 years is now required. This not only protects the environment, it also eliminates the frequent source of danger "the TV remote control is empty = so the detector battery is removed and then forgotten". This is a decisive point for landlords and operators, as they have to guarantee operational safety.

The VdS 3131 guidelines offer you practical assistance for maximum reliability, quality of workmanship and usability - in short: precise specifications for the reliable saving of human lives.

Further VdS help files, also all available for free download (German and English):

Practical options for making safe use of the trend topic of networking / radio communication. VdS 3515

With clear development guidelines for smoke alarms on the power supply and in the system. VdS 3130

Future-oriented ideas are easier to realise and, above all, completely secured: We bring the EN specifications in line with the opportunities offered by state-of-the-art technology (and offer the first approach of a combination with other safety-related functions). VdS 3438-3

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Still no standards / VdS-guidelines for your detector innovations?

We still ensure your rapid market success: through individual test agreements developed together with you. These agreements often form the basis of new VdS guidelines or EN standards years later.

This way, your innovations are synonymous with optimum safety from the very beginning - and we offer you the decisive sales argument directly: Clearly proven safety, provable at first glance.