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on the calculation software for gas extinguishing systems

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Just a short mail to software@vds.de, we are there for you.

Message "program could not be installed correctly" – what now?

Propably an issue with access permissions to the installation folder: The program requires full read + write access in its installation folder, which is not the default setting in Windows. The installation program therefore changes access permissions in that folder so that every user has read + write access there.

If this is not the case, e.g. because the program was installed by a user without administrator privileges and the current user doesn’t have these either, the program cannot save any settings, including licencing information. And cannot pass information to the calculation module.

So please check if installation was done from an account with sufficiently high privileges, or install the program in the user's personal folder.


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Missing the desktop icon to run program

During installation interview, have you selected your specific agent? By default, none are selected, to save desktop space for you and not install programs you dont need.


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First time dongle usage – what to mind

First you need to download the software. You´ll get the log-in data from software@vds.de.

After you have installed the required software, please run: Windows Start menu ->  VdS  -> Request new licence to create a licence request file. Send this file to software@vds.de (please without compressing – no zip, rar, etc.)

We return a licence update to you. This is processesed by the codemeter service on your computer, storing the new licence on your dongle.


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Can I store multiple licences on a dongle?

Yes, any number of different licences you have. They will not interfere with one another.


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We need to use the software in 2 offices. How do we set this up?

For your optimal comfort, the dongle is not tied to a specific person or computer: You can pass it on so your colleagues can also use the program. However, a licence can only have one user at a time.

You can also configure the dongle to provide floating licences within your company network, leaving the dongle permanently and securely connected to your server (if a dongle is lost, the licences on it will be lost as well).

If two colleagues have to use the same program at the same time, each of them will need a licence. These two licences must be stored on two separate dongles, since a dongle can only store different licences. Both dongles can be connected to the users’ computers or to your server, broadcasting floating licences.


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Error message date – what now?

Please run the installation package again and select option Repair to reset the program. Then check if the date on your computer is set correctly and your operating system does not have unusual date format settings.


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How do I find the manual?


The manual for your specific program is in your program folder. You can access it via a link in your start menu: All apps -> VdS -> Manual


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How do I activate my licence after having received the licence update file?

Please process the licence update on your PC by double-clicking it or by right-clicking it and selecting Open -> Update CmDongle. This will transfer the new licence to your dongle.

Now you can run the calculation program to activate your licence, i.e. to set the expiry date: Until you activate the licence, the expiry date is not set.

As soon as the program is running, you should delete any licence files – they are no longer needed and can cause confusion at the next licence update.


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Can I store multiple licences on a dongle?

Yes, any number of different licences you have. They will not interfere with one another.


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Do the programs differ in price?

Agent or type of the program do not affect the licence price. Only the total number of active + purchased licences as well as the duration of the ordered licence matters.


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Received licence update not imported into CodeMeter Control Center

This can have several reasons:

  • Is the currently connected dongle the same for which the licence request or licence update was created? The dongle number is engraved on the dongle, your licence files have this number in the file name.
  • Has the licence update already been transferred to the dongle? This can be processed only once; subsequent attempts will result in an error message, although the licence is ready for use on the dongle. Please run the program to test the licence or check the licence via WebAdmin (as described below: "How can I check the licence period remaining?")
  • Check whether you actually have created a new licence request and sent it to software@vds.de, or if it was possibly an older file for which you had already received a licence update before. We do recommend to delete any licence files after sending them to VdS or to save them in such a way that they cannot be mixed up with new ones. We will need a fresh licence request for your dongle whenever a change of its contents is necessary (see next question).


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How to generate a licence request file

With the start menu tool:

Windows Start Menu -> All Applications -> VdS -> Request new licence

Alternatively you can use the Codemeter Control Center [to the manual]. In this case please enter the code for VdS: 101543.

Send the file to software@vds.de (please without compressing, no zip, rar, etc., thank you).


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Can I change the name of the licence request file after it is generated?

Better not. This may cause delays in processing, as it can become necessary to create a new unmodified file.


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Error message "licence expired" despite valid licence

Simply create a new licence request file and send it with the error message as screenshot to software@vds.de , we will take care of this.


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Program says „licenced to 90-day trial” though I have a 1/2/3 year licence

This is not an issue with your licence, just a program setting.

In order to change the licence label in the program from “90-day trial licence” (the default after installing it, regardless of the actual licence) to “(your company name)”, please right-click the program icon on your desktop, select open file location. Then place the file ist___.chk, which you find inside the attached zip file, into this folder.

Next time you start the program, this file will be processed and the licence information set.


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How can I check the remaining licence period?

Connect your CmStick-Dongle to your PC and wait for it to be detected. This will be indicated by the symbol of the CodeMeter Control Center in your task bar changing from  (no stick detected) to  (1 stick detected) or (several sticks detected).

(If the CodeMeter symbol is not shown at your task bar, then start the CodeMeter program manually from the Windows start menu-> All Programs -> CodeMeter )

Click WebAdmin (right bottom). A website opens. It shows the details of all licences installed on the inserted CmStick-dongle, like:

Click on any Product Code to see further details.

(FYI: Each licence is usually listed twice, because of two separate licence parts: one for the user interface, a separate one for the flow calculation module)


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Why does each licence appear twice on the CmStick?

In most cases, a licence consists of two parts: One for the user interface + a second one for the calculation module. The licence duration for the user interface will receive 30 days extra licence duration, to allow you running the program for checking if it has been successfully installed, or to enable you to still access and print projects and calculations for some time after the licence part of the calculation module has expired.

The last digit of the licence number (product code) of the user interface is 1; for the calculation module 2.


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