VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Innovation Approvals

Making new products + systems a synonym for reliability directly from market launch


No VdS-Guidelines / standards for your innovations yet?

No worries – we still ensure your quick sales success: by providing a customised test basis, developed in cooperation with you and combining the latest findings, technologies, requirements. Your new products will benefit directly from +112 years of highest confidence in the reliability of VdS-Approvals.

With our Quality Seal, your product will be recommended right from market entry by authorities, insurers and consultants worldwide.

For decision-makers in fire protection, the VdS-Approval is the most important purchase criterion.

Your technology will stand for optimum functionality and resilience directly from the start. In addition, our Guidelines often become the basis of new EN and ISO standards – which your innovation then usually already covers.


More important benefits for your success:

  • Top sales booster from market entry on thanks to the No.1 buying criterion for decision-makers (WIK/ASW-Enquete, for many years in succession).
  • Our practical and targeted innovation Approvals regularly set international safety standards.
  • Coordinated test schedule with reliable timing.
  • VdS is state-accredited for 100 % independence and highest competence (ISO, IEC, DAkkS, German Building Institute, EU notification).
  • Bonus: Partnership acceptance agreements with leading laboratories around the world.
  • Win-win situation for you: We are a 100% subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV) – 460 member companies acting worldwide rely on our loss prevention skills.
  • Always included: globally accepted, detailed test report accurately documenting the operational safety + effectiveness of your new product.


VdS has been certifying safety technologies since they were first used – and has in more than a century become a synonym for clearly proven reliability.



Top support already in the development phase

You can also use the worldwide unique VdS infrastructure and our renowned expertise already during product development; like for having us speed up market entry with preliminary tests, conclusive test reports and personal laboratory presence.

1st choice for buyers, insurers, authorities right from market entry:

Your way to the renowned VdS-Approval


  • Test planning
    Together we define the certification goal and prepare the required schedule. VdS will develop compact + precise testing criteria, you receive a transparent cost calculation.
  • Testability check
    You hand over the test set-ups. We provide a reliable time schedule – with a particular focus on speed.
  • Testing, preparing the test report, Certification
    Experts from our state-accredited certification body review all laboratory and practical results and certify your innovation.
  • Your VdS-Approval
    Proving directly at 1st glance the optimal effectiveness of your product – the decisive investment criterion.


Directly to the order form.


With our renowned Certificate, you can instantly answer the most important question of every buying decision maker, of insurers, consultants and authorities – “Will this work safely in an emergency? – with a distinctive:

„Yes, it will. Clearly proven.” By Europe’s No.1 for fire protection. Renowned worldwide.


Simply describe briefly what type of novelty component and/or system you would like to have approved. A VdS expert will contact you immediately.

Or would you prefer further information? Our team will be happy to support you with comprehensive advice and assistance:


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