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Hazard analysis for gas extinguishing systems

Gas extinguishing systems are able to extinguish fires while they are still in their formation phase. The extinguishing process takes place without leaving any residue, so that electrical installations, for example, can be very well protected.

Due to the effect of oxygen displacement, however, there is often a risk to persons in flooded areas. Even a few breaths in a room flooded with extinguishing gas can cause serious damage to health or even death.

The obligations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act require every operator of a gas extinguishing system to carry out and document a risk assessment. This must identify the personal hazards posed by extinguishing gases and define effective protective measures.

The hazard potential of gas extinguishing systems must always be considered individually. The influencing factors, such as the extinguishing gas used or the structural conditions as well as the ambient conditions, are too diverse.

With our support, you will receive a tailor-made hazard analysis on the basis of which you can place your protection concept, including risk assessment, on a solid foundation.

We do not only inspect the plant on site, but also check on the basis of documents and existing documentation whether other main hazards can be identified. On the basis of test floods or propagation estimates, VdS will provide you with precise information as to the areas in which special requirements for personal protection must be met.