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VdS is one of the world's most renowned and prestigious institutions for corporate security and safety, specialising in fire protection, security and natural disaster prevention.

The services include risk assessments, on-site inspections, certifications of products, companies and professionals, and a comprehensive training and publication programme.
The VdS seal of approval enjoys an excellent reputation in professional circles and among decision makers. VdS clients include industrial and commercial businesses in all industries, leading international manufacturers, system houses and professional specialists, as well as risk-conscious banks and insurers.

The VdS-seal of approval for products and service providers has once again been recognised by the WIK-Survey as the most important purchase criterion in the security and safety market.VdS is a company with more than 400 highly qualified employees. We offer high-performance services that stand for security, safety and trust not only nationally and throughout Europe, but increasingly also on global markets. Our knowledge, our tests and certifications as well as our risk assessments and training courses are decisive success factors for our customers and partners. All 30 DAX® listed companies are among our customers. VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the German Insurance Association (GDV).


Integrated Security Approach

VdS pursues a concept of an integrated security approach, which has proved its effectiveness in fire prevention and burglary protection for decades:

  • Formulating reasonable requirements of the desired level of protection and prevention by the VdS guidelines. The VdS guidelines are accepted and applied by industry and insurance companies
  • Formulation of requirements and the inspection and certification of products
  • Certification of processes within companies
  • Certification of companies and professionals
  • Initial inspection and auditing of protection and prevention systems
  • Training of security officers and managers through a wide range of educational offers


The future needs origin

The German insurance industry recognised long ago that it is essential in active loss prevention to make risks manageable and therefore insurable.

VdS 1908


In 1908 the German insurance industry, founded the "Monitoring Centre for Sprinkler Systems", which is considered the direct forerunner of today's Technical Inspection Centre of VdS.

VdS 1948


In June 1948, the Inspection Centre was finally integrated into the newly formed Association of Property Insurers e.V. (VdS), which was created as an umbrella organisation of the German insurance industry.

VdS Following years

Following years

The VdS technical departments of fire and burglary protection were continuously expanded during the following years.

VdS 1995


The merger of the three industry associations for insurers, Association of Non-Life Insurers, “HUK-Verband” and the German Transport Insurance Association to become the Association of Property Insurers (VDS) in 1995, this was only a stopover.

VdS 1996


Until 1996, when there was another merger with the Association of Life Insurance Companies and the General German Insurance Association, which was founded in 1948.

VdS 1997


The technical departments of the former property association were transferred to the VdS Schadensverhütung GmbH. Sole shareholder of VdS Schadensverhütung GmbH is the German Insurance Association.

VdS Today


Today, VdS is a modern company with more than 400 highly qualified employees and VdS meets the challenges of the 21st century. This includes providing powerful services that stand for safety and security and consumer confidence, not only on a national and European level, but more and more also on a global scale.

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Careers at VdS

Our business areas, and unique in Germany, the expertise of VdS in the field of complex fire protection/prevention and safety technology are particularly attractive for technicians and engineers, however also for all other committed and creative employees who are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration. The common thread linking all our employees is a team spirit, which distinguishes VdS and which ensures that VdS employees identify with their company and their work. Get to know us!


VdS Dr. Robert Reinermann
Corporate security is one of the most important factors for economic success and, as a business and economic factor, also decides on the future of Germany as a business location.
Dr. Robert Reinermann, Speaker of the Board of Management
VdS Thomas Urban
The tests, concepts and solutions of our highly qualified experts protect human lives and the future of companies on all continents - you too can rely on the comprehensive VdS safety and security chain.
Thomas Urban, Managing Director


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