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Calculation Software for Gas Extinguishing Systems

Make it easy: Dimensioning done in seconds, for all common agents + standards - from Europe's No.1 for fire protection.


The complex flow characteristics of gases or 2-phase mixtures make hydraulic calculations enormously complex. Necessary are precise flow measurements for all components and also an exact replica of the system in a simulation.

Your simplest, safest and most flexible solution:

A complete design at the push of a button. With calculation software used for decades by nearly all VdS-approved and many more installers of gas extinguishing systems worldwide. For optimum speed, top efficiency and highest reliability.


Simplification, acceleration, highest safety


Just specify room dimensions, required concentrations, storage parameters and pipework layout – the program takes care of everything else. In seconds.

With the proven VdS tools, you will minimize planning time as well as material costs; impressing your customers with optimum reliability, speed and flexibility. You can combine components from any manufacturer, analyze and control in detail agent distribution, parts needed, storage options, overpressure vents. And anytime redesign or extend existing installations, check and compare different layouts + different agents.


Choose your design requirements from all relevant Guidelines for planning and installation: VdS, CEA, ISO, NFPA - directly comparing effects on your work.


VdS calculation programs are since the 1980s worldwide preferred expert tools.

Technical features

  • automatic dimensioning of the pipe network including nozzles and constant pressure regulators
  • calculation of flooding time, oxygen + gas concentration
  • graphical representation of the pipe network
  • indication of all required input quantities
  • simultaneous calculation of up to
        21 subdivisions of the flooding area
        999 pipe sections
        200 nozzles (99 for FK-5-1-12)
  • calculation of pressure vent openings
  • flexible license access inside your work group
  • fully useable offline (USB-dongle)


Working for you on any standard Windows computer. And of course constantly expanded + updated by our expert teams.


Included is free support for your entire license period as well as direct assistance for your first project. With our software training, you can quickly design the most complex systems. If required, we also modify the software for any special requirements you have.

Simple, intuitive handling

User-friendly input forms support you in optimizing your system design for minimum cost and maximum reliability. View and edit your plans as table of pipe sections or as isometric drawing – whichever is more suited to your personal work style. And you can anytime review saved projects and try new ideas.


Facilitation + safeguarding: With over 115 years of fire protection expertise

We have been certifying extinguishing systems since they were first used in Europe - and are compressing all our knowledge into those renowned tools for optimum effectiveness and efficiency. The programs have greatly facilitated the work of gas extinguishing system installers worldwide.



Want to see the advantages for real?

Each program is specially adapted for the gases, system types, etc. you use. Just give us some keywords via software@vds.de

( - Which gases? For inert gases: - Which type of pressure reduction?
  - Do you already have your suppliers valve + nozzle data?
  - How many users need to access the program parallel?)

, we will then contact you for a free consultation.

  • 1-year license 1.700 EUR (from first program use, never from buying date)
  • 3-year license 4.480 EUR
  • 90 days trial 200 EUR, will be credited to full version price


PS: You prefer to use your own software despite all the advantages? We will gladly validate it for your „VdS letter of acceptance“.

Would you like further information?

Our experts will be happy to support you with comprehensive advice and assistance:



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