VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Laboratory for Electronical Security Technology

In this laboratory tests are performed on intruder and theft alarm systems, alarm transmission systems, access control and video surveillance systems. The product range of our customers ranges from home appliances up to hazard detection technology of global banking headquarters, from small risk to high-class jewellers.

However if necessary, we also design additional audit arrangements together with the manufacturers – e.g. for positioning systems or staining/colouring mechanisms for bank notes. These special agreements allow a rapid response to new perpetrators procedures or new technologies, which cannot be implemented for example in European test standards.

As an independent institution, we develop practice-oriented test methods with a focus on perpetrators procedures. Due to the slower processes these are often only taken into account in European Standardisation many years later. Our internationally excellent reputation is one of many reasons for being chosen by the SES, the Swiss Association of Installers of Security Systems, for auditing and certification of products for the Swiss market.

Video Surveillance

The practical strength of our continuously optimised methods is also evidenced by, for example, our in-house developed test panel for determining the quality of video surveillance systems which is being used by manufacturers as well as installers in the precision adjustment of camera systems.

Maintenance-Free Lead Batteries

We are the only Institute worldwide that tests and certifies maintenance-free lead- batteries - indispensable components for the reliability of a system - using in-house developed technologies and processes. Today, developers even far beyond the security industry rely on VdS approved batteries.