VdS-Schadenverhuetung Firmen und Fachkraefte

Certification in Accordance with VdS Guidelines

Specialist Planner for Emergency Response

Due to new legal, regulatory, normative and insurance-related requirements as well as the extensive range of educational programs and graduates in the field of police and non-police emergency response safety and security technology, an additional market of professional planners and engineering offices has developed in recent years in this field.

Customers are e.g. cities, municipalities, counties, fire brigades, rescue and ambulance services, authorities, control centre operators, accident emergency services control rooms, event agencies and organisers (fairs, rock concerts, public viewing, festivals, etc.), operators of critical infrastructure and industrial plants, commercial enterprises and operators of buildings (public, commercial or private buildings).

The diverse activities relate amongst others to planning and implementation of an appropriate risk and crisis management system, the establishment of an operational civil protection organisation, the software-assisted calculation of evacuation and fire scenarios, the creation of action plans such as required evacuation plans, fire plans, escape and rescue plans, fire brigade route maps approved by the building authorities, setting up and monitoring of fire protection requirement plans, rescue service requirement plans and hospital emergency plans, monitoring of construction and proper regulatory approval processes, the creation of fire protection concepts, the creation of security concepts and the research and development regarding new application technologies in the area of security.

Consulting and services by professional planners and engineering offices should focus on supporting companies and organisations in the field of safety and security, and in all relevant areas on a defined level of quality.

The new guidelines VdS 3104 set out the requirements on specialist planners in the field of  safety and security:

  • Quality (management system, clearly defined processes, transparency)
  • Qualification (engineering studies, specialist qualifications, regular training)
  • Practice (proven professional & project experience in each field of activity)
  • Reliability (VdS certification, liability insurance, certificate of good conduct)


VdS offers a public platform for the presentation of companies in this field and at the same time offers the possibility to search for and select appropriate companies for potential clients in the public, commercial and private sector.